Nintendo 3DS Headset Details just listed a new headset today,  which is set to release this fall, for the Nintendo 3DS system. This device will feature an in-line remote for playing music,  and will allow people to issue basic commands, such as playing and pausing, accessing previous and next track, etc. with one click. The mic is detachable, and the headset itself has an adjustable headband, and can also be folded down for storage during the times you choose not to play online. As expected, it will support voice chat for 3DS games that have that specific feature in them as well. No U.S. release date or price has been given as of yet, but people over in europe can pick it up on the 4th of November for £24.99.

So, are you interested in something like this?, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Giovanni Rios-osorio

    what people do yo talk to on the  new 3ds headset, is it only people on your freinds list or is it an open chat to anyone whos on line, if so can you use perental controls on it.