Controlled Chaos DVD Review

Wow, that was a short wait for a disc release huh?, well either way, Controlled Chaos is now available in stores. Since I already went into detail in my last article about the show itself, this review will primarily focus on the extra content and bonus features included on the DVD. Usually stand up comedy shows don’t deliver much bang for their buck in these situations, but I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised with what’s on offer here. While none of it may be special in anyway shape or form, at least there is enough stuff included to please longtime fans of this crazy, yet very talented, comedian.

Let’s start with the additional footage that wasn’t seen on Comedy Central, because there was alot of it. To anybody who hasn’t seen his recent tour, none of this may mean that much to you, but for me, this was a truly special thing to see, especially considering the fact that most of the stuff on here was from the concert I went to a few months ago. Some of my favorite jokes included a complaint about Chinese restaurant workers from Peanut,  a couple of even raunchier sexual jokes from Walter, and a screw up mumble from Jeff as he is trying to ask Jose’ how his day is going.

As far the special features go, they are ok, but nothing spectacular. Some of the outtakes were funny, a couple of the characters flirting with the makeup lady provided a few laughs, and Achmed’s terrorist video was amusing, but that was about it. My favorite part out of all of the extras was when Jeff showed the process of creating the Achmedmobile, that was pretty awesome. In my opinion, they were all worth watching at least once. One more thing, there is a bleeped, and unbleeped version to choose from, which is always nice to have with a show like this.

For thirteen bucks, this was not a bad deal at all. Anybody who enjoyed the special should not hesitate to pick up the DVD as well, you will not be disappointed.

Final Score: 8 out of 10!

  • Hal

    Hi, thanks for the review.
    Do you know if the DVD contains subtitles (english)?