Two and a Half Roasts

Last night was a big ordeal in the world of television, not only for the fact that a number of new shows debuted their season premiere episodes, but also because a major change was taking place in one of CBS’s premiere sitcoms, Two and a Half Men. Anybody out there familiar with the series probably knows by now that the man,  who supposedly has tiger blood in his veins, Charlie Sheen, had a falling out with the creator of the show, Chuck Lorre, and was fired because of it. While that story may be old news by now, this was the night in which Ashton Kutcher, Sheen’s replacement, makes his debut appearance in the series, and while it wasn’t epic by any means, it really wasn’t all that bad either.

Making a judgment about a new character, after only seeing him onscreen for about ten minutes or so, is not a fair thing to do. I will say this though, he did have a few funny moments here and there, and I am curious to see where they go with his character in future episodes. The rest of the cast however, for the most part, delivered the jokes in bunches, and gave me the peace of mind in knowing that life does go on, and no show, especially one about comedy, is ever about just one person. Will it ever be the same, of course not, but no one should expect it to be that in the first place.

Now let’s move on another big event that took place last night, only about a hour or so after the previous one occurred, and that is the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. This was by far one of the best roasts that I’ve watched in a long time, especially considering the fact that there was so much to make fun of. The gloves came off, and people were low blowing him left and right (no pun intended), but he took it like a sport, or maybe he just knows that everything these comedians are saying about may in fact be true to some extent, either way, it was extremely fun to watch.

So what are thoughts on these shows?, did you watch either one?, and if you did, what did you think of them?, Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.