X-Men: First Class Review

Movie: Xmen: First Class
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Review By: Mr.B4

Let’s get one thing out onto the table right now, I know almost next to nothing about the X-Men franchise other than a few of the main characters names, and their special abilities. The cartoon back in the 90’s was ok, but it just wasn’t my thing, and while the movies were action packed and full of excitement, they tended to lack any sort of storytelling whatsoever. Now hollywood decides to go a different way with the series in the form of X-Men: First Class, which tells the backstory of how Professor X and Magneto became enemies. Even though prequels are in an abundance nowadays, one things remains certain, this is an experience that you will never forget.

The story takes in place in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and centers around Professor Xavier getting ready to publish his thesis on mutation, and Eric Lensherr seeking the revenge on the man who murdered his mother, Sebastian Shaw. They cross paths one night as Eric tries to kill shaw, but almost dies from being underwater for too long, and Charles ends up saving his life. I don’t want to spoil anymore of it for you, but I will say this, the performances from James McAvoy (Professor X) and Michael Fassbender (Magneto) were top notch, and the way that the creators brought you into the trials and tribulations of what each character was going through really made me connect with them on a deeper level.

Any movie based on the X-Men is bound to have an overwhelming amount of special effects thrown in to wow their audiences, and this movie gives people what they want, and then some. A few of my favorite moments in particular were when Magneto pulls up the submarine from the ocean, and also when Banshee learns how to fly for the first time, but the one that me made smile the most was when Havok finally got control of his ability to shoot his laser beam in a straight line, and damn near shot his practicing target through a wall.

X-Men: First Class is an entertaining movie that does just as much of a good job with its special effects as it does with its storytelling. Fans of the series, and also those who enjoy a good action flick will definitely get their moneys worth with this one.

Final Score: 8 out of 10