Gears of War 3 Gets Leaked Early – Game Being Played Now

The inevitable has happened. the much anticipated exclusive for the Xbox 360, “Gears of War 3” has made it through the cracks and is currently being played by many people across the globe.

While, we wouldn’t give you a direct link to the download files, we will indeed mention that the game is rapidly becoming the biggest requested video game download from what we can see. The Game weights in at 7.97 gigs. You would obviously have to have a modified Xbox 360 in order to play this game and of courses suffer from a lack of online capabilities. One thing is guaranteed, be ready to start seeing Gears of War 3 gameplay around the web and early thoughts and reviews by those non-gaming journalist playing it right now.

Will this hurt the game’s sales? We don’t think so, in fact, Gears 3 has already created a huge anticipation for gamers — this leak may even help the game’s sales.

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