Another Season of Madden is Upon Us

That’s right everybody, it’s time to hit the virtual gridiron once again, because Madden NFL 12 is now available in stores across the country. While not too many changes seem to happen in each iteration of this popular franchise year after year, the game is always fun to play. As an added bonus, at least for Cleveland Browns fans anyways ( myself included), a player from their favorite team finally gets the chance to become the cover athlete. It’s nice to see Peyton Hillis receive the honor, but be aware of one thing, this will more than likely never happen again.

Before I turn this into a love fest for my favorite NFL team, let me give you a quick little rundown on what I think of the game so far. The in-game presentation is nice, everything feels like you are playing on live TV. Entrances are authentic, hearing the crowd iteractions on specific plays are funny to say the least. Where the audio presentation tends to faulter however is with the commentary by Gus Johnson and Chris Collinsworth. They are boring to listen to, and just don’t have any type of chemistry at all whatsoever. Gameplay on the other hand is as fun as ever, and the assist button for defensive plays is a nice addition, especially considering how much I tend to suck at it.

So far, Madden NFL 12 isn’t bad, but it’s more of the same. Be on the lookout for a full review of it right here at

  • ochoas08

    who has it?? I DO! i wanna play some tqfans! ps3- ochoas08
    DA BEARS!!!!!!