Captain America: Super Soldier Review

Game: Captain America: Super Soldier
Genre: Action
System: Xbox 360
Review by: MrB4

This summer gave way to many different movies based on superheroes, but unfortunately, along with these films came a string of tie-in video game adaptions that were either mediocre, or just downright terrible. One of these titles, Captain America: Super Soldier, falls into the first category. Taking a solid beat-em up mechanic from Arkham Asylum was a good idea, but the rest of the game itself felt like a rushed product (no surprise there) that could have been better if it wasn’t pushed out the door so quickly in order to coincide with the feature film. America’s hero deserves better than this, enough said.

Story: Here’s the deal, the campaign itself is centered around the events of the film, so anybody who has already gone out to see it will have an extreme case of Deja Vu. Basically, an evil organization known as Hydra, along with the help of  Red Skull, are trying to find out the secrets of the human genome, and want to create a serum out of it to make themselves immortal. It’s up to Captain America to make sure that this doesn’t happen, so he sets out on a quest to stop this experiment from ever occuring in the first place. The overall story is boring, and is never really explored past this point during each of the games cutscenes, so tend to one, you really won’t care too much about the task at at hand.

Graphics: Captain America himself looks exactly like he does in the movie. His suit looks fantastic, is incredibly detailed, and makes every environment around him look bland by comparison. The level designs on the other hand are ugly, dull, and poorly lit for the most part. Character animations for both the enemies, as well as our all american hero, are ok for the most part, but there were definitely some hiccups here and there.  Enemies would glitch through a wall every once in awhile, and would tend to not perform a specific action when they are supposed to, which made some sections of the game hard for me to complete, because they would take so long to respond to what I was doing.

Gameplay: A fun and varied combat system was a welcome feature in a world where everything else comes off as bland and repetitive. You have a number of different combos, counter attacks, and special moves at your disposal, which are as easy to perform as they are exciting to watch. Aside from this though, the quick time events, boring platforming sequences, and door puzzles felt out of place to me, and just seemed like last minute ideas that the developers came up with to add some variety to the game. Boss fights were fun, but were not nearly as exciting as they could have been, and didn’t happen as often as they should have in my opinion.

Sound: Not too special in any way shape or form. Voice acting lacked any sort of effort from the actors whatsoever, and some of the explosions just didn’t pack the right amount of punch that I thought they would. On the other hand, all of the kicks, punches, gunshots, etc. were impactful enough to make the player feel like the actions that they were performing actually caused some pain to their enemies, so at least all of that effort is worth something in the end.

Wishes or Changes: The in-game dialogue could have been better, just seems like the actors from the movie phoned in their lines, and didn’t really express any type of feelings or emotions as to what was going on at all. Some clearer indications, other than a star that just seems to appear at random, as to where I needed to go next would have been nice to have also. A little more attention to detail to the level designs, which all look bland and uninspired, wouldn’t have hurt either.

TQ Bottom Line: Those who are looking for something to do over the course of a weekend will find some enjoyment with Captain America: Super Soldier, but for everybody else out there expecting to find a deep and engrossing super hero adventure, you may want to explore other options, because this game just doesn’t make the cut.

Final Score: 2.5 out of 5 Michelas!

Captain America: Super Soldier
Next Level Games
Metacritic: 60
MSRP: $49.99