Back To The Future The Game: Episode 5 Review

Game: Back to the Future The Game Episode 5: OutaTime
Genre: Point and Click Adventure
System: Playstation 3
Review By: MrB4

As many people have said before, all good things must come to an end, which is the case today, as we have finally reached the end of our wonderful journey of Back To The Future: The Game. The episode that I am going to talk about today is the fifth, and final installment of this series, entitled OutaTime. Everything that Doc and Marty have worked so hard far is on the line here, so messing up in even the slightest way shape or form could keep them trapped in the past forever. Can they set everything right and make it home in time?, let’s find out.

Story: After Emmett and Edna’s relationship ends, he decides to go on ahead and show off  his levitator invention at the Hill Valley Science Expo.  Of course, Edna is upset, and now vows to do whatever it takes to make sure Emmett doesn’t get a chance to become a successful scientist, so she decides to go on ahead and convince the police to prohibit him from having the presentation altogether. So now it’s up to Marty to make sure this plan doesn’t come to fruition, otherwise Emmett will never be inspired to conduct another scientific experiment ever again. Once he finds out that Edna was behind the speakeasy fire, Officer Parker places her under arrest, and now the show can go on. Just as the ivnention is about to be revealed, Emmett’s father decides to crash the party to try and correct his sons supposed mistake. Eventually, the two start to realize that they need to be there for on another, and finally, Emmett shows off his creation to the world.

Thinking that everything is alright, Marty decides that its now time to go back home, only to witness the disappearance of Doc a few seconds later. Don’t fret though, he returns almost immediately, and explains that he never really died due to the fact that the timeline was corrected. After a heartwarming reunion, they find out that Edna has stolen the Delorean, transported herself to 1876, and burned down the entire city. Now our heroes must travel back in time to prevent this event from ever happening.  This was a fun way to conclude the story, and the ending will without a doubt please fans while frustrating them at the same time.

Graphics: Most of this chapter takes place in the alternate 1931 Hill Valley, and at the Science Expo. The expo itself looked fantastic, and every exhibit is at least worth checking out once, trust me. Edna’s alternate reality was fun to explore as well, especially because each and every part of the surroundings contains a piece of history from the franchise. I loved how over the top each level design has been throughout the game, and that feelings remains much with this last chapter as well.

Gameplay: No puzzle in particular was that hard to figure out, but there were quite a few memorable moments that made this episode very exciting to play. One section that took me a couple of tries to get through was maze inside the house of glass exhibit, but after a little bit of trial and error, I eventually figured it out. Another tense moment for me was when Marty has to sync up the antenna of Edna’s Delorean to Doc’s Delorean. Even the slightest little twitch in movement could mess things up, so I had to really think things out carefully before making my next move.

Sound: Let’s take a look at some of my favorites quotes from episode 5. When Marty’s Grandfather pulls up next to him and Doc in the alternate 1931 version of Hill Valley, he looks at the the Delorean and says “What on earth is that thing”. If anybody else other than Michael J. Fox delivered that line, it would have meant nothing, but since he was one of the reasons why this series is so popular nowadays, you can’t help but smile at a reference like that. Another great moment was when Marty tells Edna that her boyfriend has to come to see her, and when she comes out to greet him, the petrified look on Docs face was priceless.

Wishes or Changes: My only wish here is that this story did not end so soon, otherwise it is a fantastic conclusion to a great series, enough said.

TQ Bottom Line: OutaTime reminds people why they are fans of the franchise in the first place. There are memorable moments from start to finish, plot twists out the wazoo, and cameo appearances that will without a doubt put a smile on your face. I’m sad to see our friends go, but at least they went out with a bang.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Michelas!

Back to the Future Episode 5: OutaTime
Telltale Games
 Telltale Games
Metacritic: 73
MSRP: $4.99