Achievers Anonymous: Back to The Future Episode 5

Welcome to our final installment of our series of Achievers Anonymous articles for Back to The Future The Game for the PS3. Today we are going to discuss how to obtain two trophies from the fifth episode of the game, entitled OutaTime. We are going to help you obtain the Green Gobblin, and No Backups Trophies, let’s get started.

Trophy: No Backups

Description: Complete the glass house maze without going back up the stairs.

Type of Trophy Earned: Bronze

This may take some of you several tries to complete, because there is a specific pattern as to what the player needs to do in order to succeed. When Marty enters the glass house to go after Emmett, he will have to navigate his way through a maze full of colored doors.

Move through the maze in this exact order:

Interact with Handle on light green wall. DO NOT GO DOWNSTAIRS.

Interact with Handle on light blue wall.

Interact with Handle on light green wall again.

Walk downstairs.

Interact with Handle on red wall.

Interact with Handle on yellow wall.

Interact with Handle on dark green wall.

Interact with Handle on red wall.

Interact with Handle on light blue wall.

Walk to the end of the hallway. You will exit through the House of the Future

After doing all of this, without ever heading back up the stairs, the trophy will unlock.

Trophy: Green Gobblin

Description: Treated Desert Edna to an Algae Cake

Type of Trophy Earned: Bronze

Here is an easy one that can be missed if one particular step isn’t taken in order to complete. When Trixie pulls the “Hostile Guy” on stage during the expo, walk on over to his booth (which is located right next to Arthur Mcfly) and grab the box of algae cakes. Now wait until Marty and Doc have arrived at Edna’s house in the alternate 1931, and start a conversation with her by saying that you’ve brought her something. After she asks you what it is, go to your inventory and equip the algae cakes, then interact with Edna one more time, and that’s it, trophy unlocked.

Well I hope that I helped you earn couple of new trophies for your PS3, and if there are any other one (or ones) that you are stuck with, let me know by leaving a comment below this post, have fun everybody!