The Change Up Review

Now just because most of the reviews on this site are for video games doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about movies every once in awhile as well. Keep this in mind, every single detail about each film will not be explored here, I’m just to going to give you my overall thoughts on them, and if it is something that I would recommend checking out.  The first movie I’m going to talk about is  called The Change Up, which stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds as friends who want each others lives, and somehow end up with them by mistake. Granted, this may be a tired formula nowadays, but the chemistry among the two stars, along with some great laugh out loud moments more than makes up for the laziness of the idea. So was it actually worth seeing?, let’s find out.

Here’s the setup, Dave (Bateman) and Mitch (Reynolds) are good friends who haven’t kept in touch with each other for a long time, so they decide to head out to a bar one night to watch a sporting event, and end up reminiscing about the good old days, and how each one of them is jealous about the other ones lifestyle. After drinking too much, the guys have to take a leak, and head out towards a strange looking water fountain to do so. While the lizards are being drained, at the same time, each one of them says “I wish I had your life”, and then, for some strange reason, the entire city experiences a blackout. The next morning, much to their dismay, the unthinkable has happened, and Mitch and Dave have not only switched bodies, but they have switched lifestyles too.

While dealing with all of the problems that tend to occur in a situation like this, the guys are also trying to undo what just happened to them, and this leads to some chaotic, yet very funny results.  To be honest, one of the very first scenes almost turned me off to the film altogether because of how gross it was, but thank god I stuck around, because raunchy humor takes a backseat to some hilarious situations that makes this a worthwhile experience in the long run. Bateman and Reynolds had a sort of chemistry that just felt natural to me, just wish the idea of seeing their lives through each others eyes was explored a little bit more, because that is what makes this movie worth checking out.

The Change Up is a funny movie that asks you to leave your brain at the door in order to have a good time. While nothing about it is deep or compelling in any way shape or form, those who are looking for a good laugh should not be dissapointed.

  • Leo

    That’s odd, I didn’t really this was a VIDEO GAME!

    • It’s not a VIDEO GAME! It’s a movie. We do other things other than play video games, which is why you see a marvelous review for the movie. Ryan Reynolds is so hot right now..

      Great review B4!