Back To The Future The Game: Episode 4 Review

Game: Back to the Future The Game Episode 4: Double Visions
Genre: Point and Click Adventure
System: Playstation 3
Review By: MrB4

Sadly, with only two chapters left to go in Back To The Future The Game, our time traveling journey is about to come to an end. Nevertheless, the show must go on, so let’s take a look at the fourth, and quite possibly the most insane episode of this whole series, entitled Double Visions.  Everything is out of control, friendships have been broken, and the very fabric of the universe is hanging in the balance, but not to worry, our heroes can handle it right?, see for yourself.

Story: Things start off with Marty waking up in some kind of testing facility that conducts the experiments for the Citizen Plus program. The Citizen Brown version of Doc has been captured by Edna, and now it’s up to you, and Jennifer,to bust him out of there, and go back in time to make sure these two never fall in love. Once our two heroes are back in 1931, they realize that the invention Edna had Emmett create for the Science Expo played a major role in changing the present timeline. So now, not only do they have to prevent the intimate relationship between these two characters from occuring, but now the creation of this machine must be stopped to make sure Hill Valley doesn’t turn into a controlled society as well. At first everything is going according to plan, but once Citizen Brown tries to change Marty’s plan to make sure Edna lives a happy life, the two decide to go their ways, and now the situation ends up being even more screwed up than before. This is the most emotionally charged episode by far, and I really do appreciate the lengths that the developers go to make your care about the characters.

Graphics: Anyone with a fear of going back to school may want to look away now, because the majority of this episode takes place at Hill Valley High School, where the Science Expo is being held. You will spend the rest of your time at Emmett’s laboratory testing out his latest invention, the mental alignment meter. As faithful of a recreation as the High School was, I found the laboratory to be the more interesting location because there were so many different things to interact with. Once again, the developers have gone to great lengths to keep fans happy, and that’s a good thing.

Gameplay: Dear god, there was a puzzle in this chapter that was so hard to figure out that I almost wanted to give up on completing the game altogether. Trying to figure out how to make Emmett’s invention work the right way was extremely confusing to say the least. After screaming obscenities at my tv screen for about an hour or so, i finally decided to calm down and ended up realizing that there was a certain pattern to it, and came up with a solution shortly thereafter. Aside from this extremely irritating activity, nothing else was that hard to do, and I breezed through the rest of the puzzles without too many problems.

Sound: Here a couple of my favorite quotes from episode 4. When Marty is trying to have his father help him with the combination to the locker in the testing facility, George says ” Sorry son, i’m more of a peeping tom than a safe cracker”. The delivery of that line was executed so well that I just couldn’t stop laughing. Another great moment was when Marty is dresses up in a guards outfit, walks over to Biffs room, lifts up his helmet, and says “Guess who your guard is Biff”, which in turn elicits a reaction from him that is simply classic.

Wishes or Changes: A few more hints for that section I mentioned earlier would have been nice. Other than that, the rest of this episode was very enjoyable from beginning to end.

TQ Bottom Line: Double Visions is without a doubt the most emotional episode of the series. It added a level of the depth to these characters that we haven’t seen before, and had enough twists and turns in the overall story to keep even the most experienced players on their toes. Bring on the finale!!!

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Michelas!

Back to the Future Episode 4: Double Visions
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 Telltale Games
Metacritic: 72
MSRP: $4.99