Achievers Anonymous: Back to The Future Episode 4

Welcome to part 4 of the 5 part series of Achievers Anonymous articles for Back To The Future The Game for the PS3. Today we are going to discuss how to obtain two trophies from the fourth episode of the game, entitled Double Visions. We are going to help you obtain the A Not So Beautiful Mind, and An Uncomfortable Truth Trophies, let’s get started.

Trophy: A Not So Beautiful Mind

Description: Crafted a Mind Map of Emmett that Reveals him to be a ‘Degenerate Criminal.’

Type of Trophy Earned: Bronze

Holy Crap was this took me forever to get, but after recognizing the exact pattern of how the Mental Alignment Meter works, it wasn’t that hard to understand. Basically, when you are testing out this machine in Emmett’s lab to progress the story, what you have to do is provide an opposite reaction to whatever image is projected on the screen. The machine itself works on a three part scale, red for bad, yellow for neutral, and green for good. So let’s say an image of his loved one Edna is on screen, you have to find a way for him to elicit a negative reaction to that image by triggering specific objects in the environment around you.

Here are the order of the slides, and which light should be displayed with them:

Edna: Red Light

John Wilkes Booth: Green Light

Officer Parker: Red Light

Tannen: Green Light

Child: Red Light

Trixie: Green Light

Here are the objects in the environment that you can interact with to change Emmett’s mood, and the different responses they elicit from him:

Fish Tank Valve: Negative

Generator: Negative

Algae Cake: Negative

Record Player: Positive

Stew Pot: Positive

Basically mix and match these  two sections together until the correct light appears on Emmett’s head, but remember this, once the record player is on, it can’t be turned off, and you will have to start the entire process all over again. This is honestly a more of a trial and error kind of thing, as there is no real set way to do it, but hopefully this guide will prevent you from making a mistake. Once everything is done in the correct order, and the result of his test says degenerate Criminal, the trophy will unlock.

Trophy: An Uncomfortable Truth

Description: Emmett is Prophetically Honest About his Marriage Prospects.

Type of Trophy Earned: Bronze

After that long ordeal, let’s try to end things on a good note by unlocking one of the easier trophies in this episode. Once Marty leave’s Emmett’s lab to head back to the Expo, he starts to talk about how he wants to marry Edna.

Interact with him, and choose your set of responses in this order, and that’s it, trophy unlocked:

“You Can’t Marry Edna!”
“You’re supposed to marry someone else!”

Well I hope that I helped you earn couple of new trophies for your PS3, and if there are any other one (or ones) that you are stuck with, let me know by leaving a comment below this post, have fun everybody!