Nintendo Download of the Week: 8/18 Edition

After a pretty decent offering last time, the Nintendo downloadable shops have once again settled into their groove of releasing a batch of unknown games that most people will be hesitant towards playing because they don’t know too much about them. Console owners deserve a little more than what they have been getting lately also. I’m getting tired of how little focus developers put towards the WiiWare platform anymore, and this one VC release a month for the system is just downright pathetic. Personal issues aside, a choice has to be made, so here it is, my pick for Nintendo Download of the Week for August 18th, 2011.

My choice out of this sea of shovelware crap would have to be Zoonies: Escape from Makatu for the DSiWare service. It has an ESRB rating of E for Everyone, and will be available for download soon, through the DSi Shop, and eShop Channels at the asking price of 500 DSi Points ($4.99 in eShop). The reason why I choose this game was because it looked a decent platformer that could be end up being alot of fun to play. Anybody who enjoys these types of games like I do should go ahead and download this one as soon as it becomes available.

If your not too interested in jumping around all day long, go ahead and check out the two DSiWare titles, one new 3DS Classic game, and three new videos available for download. Become the proud owner of a beautiful new town in Build-a-Lot. Explore an Island full of puzzles in Blockado: Puzzle Island. Have you ever wanted to join a fight club?, but were afraid to because you didn’t actually want to experience any pain?, well, 3D Classics: Urban champion might be able to prevent that from happening. The new videos that people can check out include a music video from Jason Derulo called It Girl, something about two children going a picnic together entitled UYUYUI!, and a new college humor short about fighting, which goes by the name of Duel.

And last, but surely not least, anybody who has experience with landing planes may want to try out Flight Control for the WiiWare service.

All of this, and more, can be found in the eShop, DSi, and Wii Shop Channels very soon, have fun!