Not Even a FREE Xbox Can Stop Sony’s Momentum Right Now

Well ain’t this a surprise, after Sony announces a PS3 $50 price cut at this year’s Gamescom, PS3’s are selling and the biggest online retailer shows prove that $50 off the price tag goes a long way, the PS3 160GB model has skyrocketed to the number #4 spot on Amazon. Microsoft’s FREE Xbox 360 rally which is currently offering a FREE Xbox 360 with the purchase of a new laptop for back to school, may have just ran out.

Here is the PS3 160GB jump to #4 on Amazon’s video game top sellers –passing up the $199.99 Xbox 360! And we anticipate the PS3 reaching the #1 spot soon. Looks like it’s time to buy a PS3! Let’s see how long it will take Microsoft to announced their new price.

PS3 Price cut is now LIVE VIA Amazon, check it out! PlayStation 3 160GB System NOW $249.99 FREE Shipping!

  • True Gamer

    LOL MS outsells PS3 2:1 in the states and leads WW by 500,000 it’s going to need more than a 50 price cut to beat MS.