Back To The Future The Game Episode 3 Review

Game: Back to the Future The Game Episode 3: Citizen Brown
Genre: Point and Click Adventure
System: Playstation 3
Review By: MrB4

Get the flux capactor ready, and be sure to have plenty of plutonium on hand, because we are about to embark on yet another journey into the world of Back To The Future: The Game. The episode I am going to talk about today is the third part of this series, which is called Citizen Brown. This was one of my most favorite episodes of the game, and anybody who has a sick and twisted sense of humor will feel the same way. Let’s not waste anymore time, and find out what kind of mess our friends have gotten themselves into, shall we?

Story: As Doc and Marty are heading back to the 1986 version of Hill Valley, following Kid Tannens arrest, Emmett and Edna go to see a movie together in 1931 , which in turn causes the timeline to go off on a tangent once again. Upon their arrival, Doc disappears, and the Delorean crashes into a giant billboard outside of town. After taking a look at the sign, Marty starts to realize that not everything is not as it seems anymore. Doc, who now goes by the name of Citizen Brown, has married Edna, and they have turned this somewhat normal community into, for a lack of a better word, a slave like society. Along with the help of his punk rock rebel girlfriend Jennifer, our beloved hero must now save his mentor and set the timeline back to normal before things get even more out of hand than they already are. Things are as out of control as they have always been, and the residents of this beloved city wouldn’t have it any other way.

Graphics: Apparently when a power hungry, rule oriented woman marries a crazy scientist, they decide to turn the world in which they live in into some sort of totalitarian nightmare that sounds just as creepy as it looks. Hill Valley looks downright scary, but in a good way. Numerous security cameras are scattered all around town to track your every move, demerits can be earned for kissing your loved one in public, and a uniform is required to be worn by each citizen at all times. Going way over the top was the idea here, and the design team deserves praise for pushing this concept as far as it can possibly go without annoying the player at the same time.

Gameplay: The puzzles were a little bit on the extremely easy side this time around. In all honesty, I never really got stuck on one for too long of a period of time. One of the parts that did bug me a little bit though was when Marty has a guitar showdown with Jennifer’s new boyfriend. It wasn’t difficult to complete, there was just a specific way to beat him, and it took me quite awhile to figure out how to do so.  The only other time things got a little difficult for me was when you had to lure Einstein out of a back alley in the city to progress the story, man, that took forever to do. After a few tries though, an obvious solution came into the picture, and everything worked out just fine.

Sound:Let’s see, what are some of my favorites quotes from this chapter? Oh, I know, when Biff tells Marty that “Behaviors that excite your privates should be kept in private” I damn near wet myself. Even though the joke was cheap, when Marty says ” Could you give me a hand” to Jennifer, and all she does in return is clap her hands together, I couldn’t help but laugh. Maybe some of you won’t find this next quote  at all joke worthy, but when the billboard of picture of Doc says “Relax, everything is under control” after the Delorean crashes into it, for some reason, the irony of these two events occuring at the same time made me laugh.

Wishes or Changes: Citizen Brown was a little bit too easy to complete in my opinion.  Seems like the developers decided to give people a break in the middle to prepare for the more challenging obstacles that await them later on, but maybe that was a bad move on their part. Aside from this problem, the episode itself was just as much of an enjoyable experience as the other ones have been up to this point.

TQ Bottom Line: Citizen Brown was quite possibly the strangest episode of the entire series, but in a sick and twisted sort of way it was the one of more entertaining ones also. Even though the plot and setup are ridiculous, there are still plenty of fun moments that make the game worth a purchase.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Michelas

Back to the Future Episode 3: Citizen Brown
Telltale Games
 Telltale Games
Metacritic: 71
MSRP: $4.99