PlayStation 3D Display Now Comes with 2 Games – Will You Pre-Order Now?

For those who have been thinking of pre-ordering the PlayStation branded 3D Display or have already placed an order, look out for an additional bonus to the bundle. Not only will you get Motorstorm: Apocalypse, but Resistance 3 makes it back on the bundle without a change to the price. Does this addition change your mind?

Amazon is currently offering this amazing pre-order deal for the PlayStation 3D Display. You get both Motorstorm: Apocalypse and Resistance 3! The original deal was only bundled with Resistance 3.

So, does this make this 3D Display worth the price?

Pre-Order the PlayStation 3D Display Today!

  • ThatGuy101

    I would buy it was available in Europe

  • ThatGuy101

    I would buy it if it was available in Europe