Back To The Future: The Game Episode 1 Review

Game: Back to the Future The Game Episode 1: It’s About Time
Genre: Point and Click Adventure
System: Playstation 3
Review by: MrB4

There are alot of movies from my past that stand out as some of the most entertaining experiences of all time, and the Back to the Future franchise is one in particular that fits this description and then some. It was one of the very few series of films in which even the sequels were actually halfway decent to watch. All of the characters and settings were memorable, the story was actually really interesting, and it had an overwhelming amount of heart to it as well.  The same can’t be said about the video game iterations though, because most of them up to this point have sucked big time. Then Telltale Games comes along, and they decide to create an all new adventure for Doc and Marty, which is fun and accessible for gamers of all ages, but still has enough fan service to keep die hard followers of the series satisfied throughout the entire experience.  Let’s start things off by taking a look at Episode 1: It’s About Time.

Story: This is going to be kind of hard to explain without spoilers, but I will try my best. The first episode starts with our two main characters reliving the most memorable moment from the first movie, which in case you didn’t know was the scene when Doc tests out the Delorean for the first time. Instead of the experiment being a success, something goes wrong, and Doc disappears.  A few months later, due to his disappearance, Emmett’s estate is now up for sale. After reminiscing for one last time, Marty hears a loud noise outside, and the Delorean is now sitting is his driveway. He looks inside, and finds an audio tape from Doc that says he needs to go back to 1931 in order to bust his friend out of jail. I won’t reveal much more than that, but I will say that the story is absolutely fantastic, and definitely relives some classic moments from the movies that without a doubt put a smile on your face.

Graphics: It’s scary how well the developers recreated Hill Valley in video game form, as the attention to detail in every aspect of the city is just downright astounding. The character designs are fantastic as well, and are wonderfully animated to the point where you really feel connected to them.  My only real complaint here is that the framerate can tend to dip at times during gameplay, but it ends up being more of an minor annoyance than a major problem in the long run. While the audio presentation is fantastic, the lip synching can be a little off at times also, not enough to where it feels like i’m in a Godzilla movie,  but enough to make some of the dialogue hard to follow.

Gameplay: Anybody who is familiar with this company knows that their specialty is making point and click adventure games, and that’s exactly what they did here.  It’s more about interacting with everyone around you, and solving minor puzzles along the way to further the story. The control scheme is rather simple, a pointer is displayed on screen, and the player uses that pointer to highlight certain objects in order to interact with them, and then hits one button to perform that specific action. Anybody who has experience with these games, or at the very least has a decent amount of problem solving skills, should have no trouble finding solutions to most of the games puzzles, because they are pretty easy figure out.

Sound: This is quite possibly the best part of the game by far. The voice acting is absolutely fantastic, and whoever did the voice of Marty made me feel like I was listening to Michael J. Fox all over again. Whoever wrote the script for this deserves a gold star, because the dialogue is hilarious, and truly captures the heart and soul of what this series is all about. All of your favorite characters (along with their best one liners) are here, and they are as memorable as ever, but there are a few new people introduced that will easily find a place in your heart as well.  Every song from the movies makes an appearance, and just adds even more nostalgic value to a game that simply has it bursting from the seems to begin with.

Wishes or Changes: As I said before, my only real problem with this game as a whole is that some of the lip synching can be a little bit off at times. I guess the puzzles can be a little bit to easy to solve too, but since the focus is more on the story than the gameplay, I guess I can’t let this problem slide.

TQ Bottom Line: Let me put like this, Back to the Future The Game is a five episode adventure, and It’s about time will more than likely seal the deal, one way or another, on your decision to buy the entire game. If you are a fan of either adventure games, or of this movie, buy it right now, I can’t say much more than that.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Michelas!

Back to the Future Episode 1: It’s About Time
Telltale Games
 Telltale Games
Metacritic: 74
MSRP: $4.99