Nintendo won’t announce Wii U release date until next year

Honestly, this bit of news of news doesn’t come as a surprise to me at all, because the big N has a way of revealing things at the last minute in order to piss us gamers off while exciting us at the same time. This was what happened before the 3DS came out, and apparently the Wii U is going to follow this same pattern as well. Today, Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, released a statement saying that the release date announcement of the Wii U won’t come out until next year.

Here is what he said:

Since the Wii U we showed you at the E3 show in June was still in the development phase without very specific proposals on the software titles, we are going to announce the release date and the price next year when we are able to explain the specific proposals“.

As depressing as this might be, I am actually happy that they are not discussing any of the details at this time. The reason why I feel this way is because the system itself is still in it’s early developmental stages, and the creators should take more time with working out the kinks of the device so that they can eventually have a solid product to show to their consumers.

How do you feel about this decision, and do you feel the same way as I do about this situation, let us know in the comments below.

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