League of Legends: Champion Spotlight – Wukong, The Monkey King

Greetings summoners! Riot Games has recently released their highly anticipated Champion, Wukong. Wukong is a melee damage character with the ability to really F’ stuff up. I have been using him since he was released and I have to say, he is pretty sweet! Below are his abilities as well as the Champion Spotlight video from Riot Games.

Wukong, the Monkey King

*Crushing Blow: Wukong swings his mighty staff with incredible speed, crushing his opponent. This attack deals additional physical damage and reduces the enemy’s armor for a short duration.

*Decoy: Wukong utilizes his cleverness to trick his foes. He becomes stealthed for 1.5 seconds and leaves an uncontrollable decoy behind that will deal Magic Damage to enemies near it after 1.5 seconds.

*Nimbus Strike: Wukong dashes on a cloud toward a target enemy and sends out images to attack up to 2 additional enemies near his target, dealing physical damage to each enemy struck.

*Cyclone (Ultimate): Wukong’s staff grows outward and he spins it around, dealing damage and knocking up enemies. Wukong gains movement speed over the duration of the spell.

Stone Skin (Passive): Wukong’s armor and magic resistance are increased for each nearby enemy