New Club Nintendo Rewards Announced

For those loyal fans who have decided to join this elite club of Nintendo gamers, you now have three new ways to spend those you coins that you worked so hard for.  Three new Club Nintendo Rewards have just been added to their North American site today, let’s take some time right now to check them out.

On tap first we have a new set of Donkey posters available for 400 coins. This set is similar to the Mario set released not that long ago. There is one that includes a history of Donkey Kong and how he has evolved over the years. The second poster is an image of Donkey and Diddy Kong together in a jungle, and the final one is a picture of the original Donkey Kong game from the 1980’s. This is my personal favorite out of the three, but sadly, I have no room for them on my wall.

Don’t think for a second that 3DS users will be left out this time around, because now they have a new giant Mii related AR Card to use for games that require this object. Supposedly this can be used to create life sized Mii characters to use in the games that require the use of this card.  The reverse side of the card will feature a picture of Mario that can be used for something called “Star Pics”. Exact measurements are 28.5″ L x 18.25″ W, and will cost you 200 coins. Sounds like something that 3DS could have alot of fun with, so if you own the system, and have enough coins, then be sure to check it out.

Finally, we have a Metroid Other M screensaver available for purchase for just 10 coins. This will include photos of Samus, along with other members of the Galactic Federation Squad. System requirements for this product can be found on the Club Nintendo site, so be sure to check there and see if you are able to download it.

I personally think that all of these new rewards are nice, but I’m still trying to save up my coins to purchase the Game & Watch Ball reward. Is anybody out there going to spend their coins on any of these rewards?, let us know in the comments below, have fun.

For more details on the rewards, go to