What’s on Netflix? Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy
Original Release: 2008
Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman
Genre: TV Shows, Crime TV Drama
Available Seasons: 1-3

Sons of Anarchy started airing in FX 3 years ago, I found about this show through Twitter and Facebok being highly praised. With no prior knowledge of what the show was about I decided to look for it in Netflix, and with my fingers crossed there it was, all current seasons were available to watch instantly.
Charlie Hunnam stars as Jax Teller, a vice president of a motorcycle club that is gun-running illegal firearms from the Irish but soon faces problems with their motorcycle rival gang The Mayans, opposition from racist groups and a serious investigation from the ATF.


Each episode will keep you wanting more, the story in itself will keep you hook until you watch all 3 seasons, the gang will face multiple problems at the same time and the way they overcome it seems impossible at first but they are smart to know how to deal with law, their rival and the new players that come into town and try to take over their turf. The Sons of Anarchy are not evil, they just get into questionable and illegal situations but they try to keep the peace and not deal drugs in their town of Charming.

The cast delivers a very stunning performance, the dramatic story arc is spectacular, given the chance you might be able to blow through the whole series in week, that’s how good the show is.
Expect some partial nudity, adult themes, and a lot of bad words, so you might want to keep away from children and watch it late at night when they are asleep.

Memorable Quote in Season 3: John: My grief and introspection terrifies them… drives Gemma mad. Clay’s pity has moved into profound loathing. I see my best friend and my wife growing closer and closer. I have no jealousy, truly. I feel nothing. Not even fear, and I know I should be afraid.

Sons of Anarchy: Season Three [Blu-ray]