Runespell: Overture Review

Game: Runespell: Overture
Genre: Card/RPG
System:Mac, PC
Review By: Illmatic

Most of us have either played Poker or know what the game is all about. We know that it involves having a better hand than our opponents. Now, I am a huge RPG fan, and I probably always will be. I like the open environments and I enjoy leveling up my character. What would happen if somehow, someone crossed the best of both worlds and created an RPG Poker game? To be quite honest, Runespell: Overture came out of left-field for me. I had never heard of the title, nor did I have any true interest in it at first. That all changed the moment I played my first match.

Gameplay: Runespell: Overture is a hybrid between a classic poker game and a traditional RPG game. How is this possible you might ask, well allow me to explain. When you start a match you have a pretty simple setup. Your character is on the top left while your opponent is in the top right corner. There are two sets of cards displayed, one set is yours and the other set is, you guessed it, your opponents. Now here is where the game gets really fun. The object of the game is to complete poker hands to attack your opponents character. Depending on what poker hand you build, you may deal a little damage or you may deal a huge amount of damage. During combat you have three turns to either build a combo to attack with, or to use one of your combos to attack your opponent. You are given the ability to take cards from your opponents hand at anytime during your turn. This was a nice addition to the gameplay and it really helps you complete those crazy combos. As you continue on through the game you collect cards that you can use to beef up your character. These cards might give you a health boost or they may give you a spell that you can use during battle. The game is fairly linear, as you follow a path completing quests for certain folks in the game. Completing quests also gives you special cards or money, which can be used to purchase more cards. One thing that really disappointed in is the lack of multiplayer. This game could have been so great with the addition of multiplayer.

Graphics: The graphics in Runespell: Overture are done really well. The character models are smooth and the animations during combat look awesome. But, in all honesty, this game does not need super flashy graphics, that was just a bonus given to us.

Sound: The in game soundtrack is pretty epic. The music flows really well during combat and really adds to the ambiance of the type of game you are playing. The sound effects are also very well done. Everything from the sound of swords clashing to fireballs being unleashed, its all here.

Wishes or Changes: Obviously there is a huge wish that I would want for this game, and that would be the inclusion of Multiplayer. To be quite honest, I am not sure why the developers left this feature out of the game, as it seems this game would work really well with a multiplayer component.

TQ Bottom Line: If you are looking for a change of pace from your normal game types, then Runespell: Overture is definitely worth your time to check out. With a price point at $9.99, this game is very hard not to recommend, even without multiplayer.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Michelas!

Runespell: Overture
Developer: Mystic Box
Publisher: Mystic Box
MSRP: $9.99 on Steam

  • This game looks pretty cool! By glancing at it, it really didn’t impress me, but after watching the video I think I’m going to get it now. Thanks for the review!