MotoGP 10/11 Review

Game: MotoGP 10/11
Genre: Racing
System: PlayStation 3
Review by: Denoch

Welcome to this year’s MotoGP, the annually released franchise is back ones again and it is actually my first time driving at 130+ MPH and taking real sharp hairpins turns no less than 95. There has been three previous games before it that I have not played so comparing between the new and the old might be a little difficult and therefore I will share my first experience as a “newbie” to the series and to the genre.

Story- This will have to be brief because you may or may not know but this is a motorcycle simulator and unless there is some drama going on with the real life racers that we are not aware of than maybe next year they can add some feud but for now just like Grand Turismo, Forza and Need for Speed Shift, it will remain purely a simulator. Not that you need it anyways, the game in itself is pretty fun to play, especially to those racing fanatics.


Graphics- MotoGP is quickly becoming those simulators that has solid mechanics but also beautiful scenery and detailed bikes. The game runs on 60 fps and very consistent I must say, never once did I notice any tears or slowdowns because of it. While I am not complaining about in game mechanics, some of the pre-race graphics look a little dropped down, it could be because all efforts are in actual gameplay and less on the 30 seconds of sight seeing. When you are going at tops speed and you feel the rumble in the controller and a blur shaky sense of speed all around you, there was almost a sense of fear in me, not because motion but reaching those speeds and the visual feedback made feel like if I didn’t slow down on this corner I could fall and really injure myself, that is a plus for me on any racing game. No matter what time of day you are playing in the game, whether it be gloomy and rainy, sunny, or at night, MotoGP is very gorgeous to look at.


Gameplay- I was surprised when I started playing this simulator because unless it has over the top stunts and wacky a bike than I might not be all that interested and on a scale from 1-10, I fair about a 5, It’s not really my cup of tea but when I jumped into MotoGP it instantly felt right in my hands and it could be that the game walks you with assists to make it easier on the less hardcore racers but you can also turn it off if you want a challenge. Assists are features in the game like following a recommended line and it will turn colors depending if you are going to fast before coming up to a corner or when you need to speed it up, there is also constant wear of your tyres, tuning your gearbox, suspension, rebound damping, and spring stiffness.There is feature called second chance, if you fall off your bike than you can rewind and correct your mistake but too much of it can decrease your reputation.
If you want some help than bring them along, it supports co op and split-screen for a greater chance of winning.
There are couple modes like Championship, where you choose from different actual riders and their bikes competing for 18 weekends based on the rider’s 2010 performance without tuning or upgrading. There is the Career mode, starting from scratch as a no name and building your reputation by winning races, constructing your staff with manager, engineers, and sponsorships. Winning races means more money and having the right staff in your pocket can generate an even greater amount, changing the difficulty, having tyre wear and even increasing the number of laps can also increase your multiplier. There is also Time Trial mode and Challenge mode where you compete against all the racers in the world to have your name put up on the leaderboards. Take your racing style and compete with 20 other riders around the world in single races or a championship race where winner takes all. My experience with racing bikes was fun(with some assists) and very fluent, well at least for a newbie like me, the line helps you so much and memorizing the course after a while you know when to slow down and when to speed up that you turn off the line.


Sound- There isn’t much here, the revving of the engines is pretty accurate I would have to guess since I don’t really ride bikes, the announcer sometimes felt like he is actually talking to me at times but the one thing that I liked the most was the music. The songs are so great that I had to actually turn down the speech and SFX and raise the music volume because the songs give you an extra shot of adrenaline and another reason to win races.

Wishes or Changes- Some changes that can be done are improvements on the small screen shots that don’t involve the actual gameplay, its not a big deal but it all should look the same without noticing. While the music is great to listen too, I wish it had a wider selection to hear from, maybe a dozen more tracks of the same artist or the same type of music.


TQ bottom line- The overall product is something that I am impressed and even more when I am playing it, trying to become the top racer, if you like managing a team that can bring you results, reputation, money and bike performance or if you like to drive real fast on a motorcycle but don’t want to do in real life than MotoGP is for you. It is real easy on the newbies and can change it up when you don’t want the game to hold your hand anymore. Not to mention that music is fantastic to listen. This blazing fast crotch rocket gets 4 Michelas.

FINAL SCORE: 4 out of 5 Michelas!

MotoGP 10/11
Developer: Monumental Games
Publisher: Capcom
Metacritic: 68
MSRP: $39.99

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