Dead Block Review

Game: Dead Block
Genre: Action, Strategy
System: XBOX 360
Review By: Illmatic

About a year ago, zombie games were all the rage. You really couldn’t go a week without some sort of zombie game coming out. Times have changed and we have seen this zombie epidemic slowing to a crawl, until now. Dead Block has recently been released and has resurrected the zombie genre, but does it do a good job at doing so?

Gameplay: Dead Block is a tower defense type of game mixed with zombies. You play one of three characters, and at times you play all three characters. Your mission is to search through whatever location you are thrown in, rummaging around for the ingredients for some sweet Rock n Roll music. This might sound easy, but there is a catch. The catch is, there are zombies, EVERYWHERE! Each character has their unique weapon that has its advantage, and they also have their regular attack. In each mission you are given the opportunity to set up a few traps and distractions to divert the attention of the zombies, which allows you to pillage around looking for the stuff you need to end the mission. Most of the traps are pretty cool to use, but I found myself using the wood to board up the windows and doors the most. Once you gather up all of the items you need to exit, you are then thrown into a short mini-game to end the level.

Graphics: The graphics in Dead Block are pretty good. The characters sort of remind me of the characters in Team Fortress 2. The graphics wont blow you away, but then again, I am pretty sure this wasn’t the goal. They work well and thats all that matters, right.

Sound: If there is one area where this game really shines, it’s definitely the soundtrack. The old, 50’s style Rock n Roll really adds a great experience to the zombie killing massacre that you will endure. The sound effects and audio lines that the characters use are funny at times, but they are easily forgettable.

Wishes or Changes: There are a few things that I would change with Dead Block. The first change would be to include an online multiplayer component. While there is 4-player split-screen, I feel like online multiplayer should have been a no-brainer. The game also has no replay value. Once the game is complete, the only reason you would return to it is to improve your score.

TQ Bottom Line: At $9.99, this game is not such a great deal. It feels a bit unfinished and with the lack of online multiplayer, you should really think twice before purchasing this one.

Final Score: 3.5 out of 5 Michelas!

Dead Block
Developer: Candygun Games
Publisher: Digital Reality
Metacritic: 45
MSRP: $10 (800 MSP)