PlayStation Plus Get’s a $40 1 Year Subscription – Is it Worth it Now?

I have to admit, that after the PSN outage and the free month of PS+, the service definitely grew on me. PlayStation Plus may not have all the bells and whistles, but it sure offers some great deals and games to keep you coming back for more. Now that my PS+ subscription has ended, I sort of miss the cool deals. Well, after several months of considering the upgraded and avoiding the $49.99 a year payment, I have decided to take advantage of the $40 PSN Plus subscription deal that has recently been unleashed.

Amazon is currently the 1 year subscription of PlayStation Plus for only $39.99 and ready for download. check it out: Playstation Plus 12 month Subscription [Download]

  • Wuvein

    Ya the last update was pretty good picked up Borderlands Bundle. Full game and all 4 add on packs for $14.99 couldn’t pass that up. So overall think Plus is worth it.

  • I was going to tell you about this the other day, guess you can read my mind now, lol.

  • Sylvain

    I bought Borderland GOTY Edition (so with all the add-ons) for 15$ on sale (the physical disc) 4 or 5 months ago… So at 14,99 it’s not a super deal…

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a plus member and enjoy it so far… Limbo discount at day one and pixelJunk 2 for 4,89 it’s really nice… I also enjoy TRIAL…

    But 14.99 for a digital download when you can buy the physical disc for the same price it’s not a PLUS deal… it’s just the price !

  • Marlon

    Gamestop is doing this as well. The one at gamestop ends on the first of August though. It’s the the code that prints on your receipt.

  • WKQQRocker

    Playstation Plus is a joke. Complete waste of money.

    Just a rental service. 1-2$ off a few games is not a huge discount. So, Don’ give me that crap they have great discount and all that other ga ga.

    I feel sorry for the people who has bought into it and fallen for sony’s ga ga.