OSX Lion Hits Mac App Store.. ..Are You Ready?

Today, Apple has finally released OSX Lion! Lion was announced last year and since then I have been eagerly waiting for its arrival. OSX Lion brings us over 200 updates and new features! Here are a few of the major updates/new features that you will find in OSX Lion.

Multi-Touch Gestures

Much like the iPhone, we will now be able to pinch to zoom, swipe to navigate and even switch between open apps, all with touch gestures using the touchpad. There are already a few touch gestures that are utilized in the current OS (Snow Leopard), but these are some awesome additions.

Full-Screen Apps

Now before all of you Mac haters start saying, “full-screen apps have been around since Windows 95”, hear me out here. Anyone who has ever used a Mac knows that not all apps are supported in full-screen, and while this may not matter to you, for those that it does matter to can now be happy.

Mission Control

Mission Control brings together full-screen apps, Dashboard, Exposé, and Spaces in one new feature that gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything on your system. With a single swipe on the trackpad, your desktop zooms out to Mission Control. Think of it as the hub of your system: View everything and go anywhere with just a click.


Launchpad gives you instant access to all the apps on your Mac. Just click the Launchpad icon in your Dock. Your open windows fade away, replaced by a display of all your apps. Arrange your apps any way you want, group them together in folders, or delete them from your Mac with ease. And when you download an app from the Mac App Store, it automatically appears in Launchpad, ready to blast off.


Now apps you close will reopen right where you left off, so you never have to start from scratch again. And when you install software updates, you no longer need to save your work, close your apps, and spend valuable time setting everything up again. With Resume, you can restart your Mac and return to what you were doing — with all your apps in the places where you left them. Lets see you do that Windows users.


It’s time to stop worrying about saving your work. Because now your Mac automatically saves what you’re working on so you don’t have to. It’s not just an improvement for OS X, it’s an improvement for anyone who’s ever lost hours of hard work after forgetting to press Command-S.


Versions is a new feature that charts the history of your documents, taking snapshots in time, and displaying them side by side with the latest versions in an easily browsable timeline. You can review the past iterations of your compositions, restore a previous version, or copy and paste from old versions to new ones.


Looking for a fast way to share files with people nearby? With AirDrop, you can send files to anyone around you wirelessly — no Wi-Fi network required. And no complicated setup or special settings. Just click the AirDrop icon in the Finder sidebar, and your Mac automatically discovers other AirDrop users within about 30 feet of you. To share a file, simply drag it to someone’s name. Once accepted, the fully encrypted file transfers directly to that person’s Downloads folder.

You can pick up your copy of OSX Lion from the Mac App Store for the extremely low price of $29.99!

  • My wife and I want to get this, but like most software, we’re going to hold out a month or so before we pick it up to let all the bugs get ironed out. But we’re both excited about some of the new features like the AirDrop and Auto-Save. Not to mention some of the new gesturing they’ve incorporated into it.