JLab B-Flex and JBuds J4 Review

Product: JLab B-Flex USB Speaker and JBuds J4 Earphones
Manufacturer: JLab – jlabaudio.com
Review By: Desz

I have gone through 12 pairs of in-ear earphones in the last 2 years, which I’m almost positive that it’s more than the average Joe and maybe even the most dedicated audio head. You may be asking, how in the world do I go through so many earphones? Well, for one; I’m a regular at the gym, I do yard work with earphones and I also sleep with them on — which in fact, could be the biggest reason I need new earphones often — once those earphones hit the bed, the pillows and my neck make love to them and there is no telling in what shape the earphone and myself will wake up the following morning.

Being a podcaster, a music producer and gamer, I definitely consider myself a true “sound hearing professional”, I truly have a good ear for sound quality. I’m extremely picky when it comes to the quality of audio on any form of media. So, when I was given the opportunity to review the latest JLab had to offer, I didn’t hesitate one bit. Being around great quality headphones and audio equipment, I approach every new product with a near cocky approach that would piss the heck off the damn headphones. So, when I approached these JLab products and tried them out for the first time, I can honestly say that I was caught off guard.

Sure, they have a very nice design and they look durable, but they can’t sound that good, can they? Well, yes they can and yes, JLab’s incredible work slapped some sense into me. Both the JLab J4 in-ear earphones and the B-Flex USB speaker have changed my life. Not only will I never go back to the Apple branded in-ear earphones, but I will never leave the house without my USB B-Flex speaker packed in my laptop case.

Check out my video review below, so you can experience what I recently experienced and why JLab earned a perfect score.

JLab B-Flex USB Speaker and JBuds J4 Earphones
Website: jlabaudio.com
Jbuds J4 Earphones: $39.95 FREE Shipping via Amazon
B-Flex Hi-Def USB Speaker is currently $19.99 via Amazon.

  • Steve

    Those look awesome, the colors just pop out!

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  • Trevor Abrego

    These headphones look amazing. I also go through headphones like they’re candy. I’ve really never found anything that’s worth the money. But these are not only stylish they also look sturdy and look like they could last a good long time. and if the sound quality is as good as TQcast says these would be perfect pair of headphone for a music junkie like myself.

  • juan m

    JLab Audio iems are great , I think these look slick and dig the features.