Apple Discontinues MacBook

To say theres a lot of commotion going on at Apple HQ would be an understatement. With the release of OSX Lion and a few new product introductions, it seems like a pretty busy day for Apple, but that’s not the biggest news for Apple today. Today, Apple has officially discontinued the MacBook. You heard that right folks, there will no longer be an entry level MacBook. Instead, the MacBook Air has replaced the plastic bodied MacBook. Now, this can either be a good or a bad thing for Apple. There are plenty of people out there who buy the entry level MacBook, simply because of the price point. While $999.99 might not sound like such an attractive price point, it is still the cheapest way to get a Mac, unless of course you go with the Mac Mini. I personally can attest to the fact that a lot of students choose the MacBook as a cheaper alternative to the MacBook Pro. As I sit here typing this on my MacBook Pro, I wonder, what new product will Apple release to replace the entry level alternative. Sure you can go out and buy the MacBook Air, but I know this is not the true replacement for the MacBook. Maybe an all aluminum bodied MacBook? Whatever the case, I can rest assured that Apple will not disappoint.