TNT Cancels Men of a Certain Age

Even though gaming has become a big part of my life over the years, I still enjoy sitting down on the couch to watch a good tv show every now and then. One of the shows that I enjoy the most is the dramedy entitled Men of a Certain Age. Created by the star of Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray Romano, and Mike Royce, it told the story of three different middle aged men, Joe, Terry, and Owen, and the trials and tribulations that they are going through in this very important part of their lives. Everything about the series felt right, the sense of humor was spot on, the situations were realistic, and the cast just had this sort of natural chemistry in which you feel connected to them no matter how old old you are. Despite having all of these great characteristics, TNT made the decision on friday to cancel the show after two seasons, and as sad as this might be, I think I know why they did it.

To be perfectly honest, trying to see Ray as anything other than Ray Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond is a difficult thing to do. Most actors who star in popular sitcoms like this tend to carry around that particular persona with them everywhere that they go. This could have lead to the fact that people were just not ready to seem him in a more dramatic role right now, and was probably why the ratings consistently suffered week after week in the long run. It really sucks that people tend to place labels on actors like that, especially considering how good he could be in a dramatic role if you give him a chance.

Now this doesn’t mean that I have a love fest going on for Ray, because as I stated before, the acting was good all around, especially when it came to how each character had their own set of problems to deal with. Joe (Ray) was going through a divorce, had a gambling problem, and was dealing with the pressures of owning his own business while trying to relive his glory days by becoming a participant in the senior golf tour. Terry (Scott Bakula) was a struggling actor who lives life by the seat of his pants, who eventually started to realize that he is getting older and it is time to grow up. Owen (Andre Braugher) was the owner of what was once his fathers car dealership, and had to deal with all of the pressures that come along with it, not to mention try to be a father and a husband to his wife and three kids at home.

As you can tell, each of these situations are not that far fetched, and can easily relate to many people out there today. What made this show so good was how the three characters could always relate to each other no matter what it was that they were going through. This in turn lead to some very funny situations, and at times, realizations that this is how life is, and for the most part, we just have to suck it up and deal with it.  Maybe this was a concept that was ahead of its time for where we are as a society today, or it could just be the fact that people are more interested in watching reality shows about young people,and not about older guys with real life problems, who knows. Either way, Men Of a Certain Age was a great show, and I will surely miss it for many years to come.

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