PlayStation 3D Display Finally Available for Pre-Order – Speculated Release Date?

After announcing the official PlayStation 3D Display, Sony hasn’t released any further information regarding its release date. Upon the announcement, Sony stated that the display would be available some time around fall for $499.99 and that was pretty much it. Luckily the specs later turned out and now the release date may have been exposed by the biggest online retailer as it officially becomes available for pre-order.

Amazon has recently listed the PlayStation branded 3D Display for pre-order at the announced $499.99 price and of course with FREE Shipping. The release date may be a bit off, but perhaps Amazon knows something we don’t. December 31, 2011 is listed as the release date. Now, this may just be a speculated date since the 3D display is set to release with Resistance 3 as a complete bundle — and as a marketing scheme it makes complete sense to release it around September when Resistance 3 releases. Either date would be great, but we really hope it’s sometime around September. Which release date would benefit Sony better? Will you be picking one up?

PlayStation 3D Display Available for Pre-Order via Amazon

  • Kapado

    I’m about to preorder mine right now

  • thegamingart

    December 31, 2011 is a default release date amazon sets when they don’t know the actual date but they know it releases this year. Just an FYI