The Videogame History Museum Needs a Permanent Home

As cool as all of these high resolution graphics are nowadays, every once in awhile us gamers need a little blast from the past, just to relive the good old days. What better way could there be of doing this other having an entire museum dedicated to the idea of providing a rich history of how much gaming has evolved over the years. I personally would love to have a place to go to relive some of the best memories from my childhood. A non-profit charity by the name of the Video Game History Museum is looking to make this dream come true for all of us, but they need your help.

This organization, which is based in Silicon Valley, needs to raise $30,000 in order to have a permanent home to house of all of the classic coin-ops, consoles, and gaming memorabilia that they have. As of right now, $6,925 dollars has been raised, with 49 days left for people to donate to the cause. If you are a gamer who has grown up with all of these classic consoles, then by all means give as much as you can to show that we deserve a place to reflect on our communities history as much as anybody else. For those who wish to help, click here to show your support.

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  • Yes, this needs to happen sooner rather than later for sure : )