Modern Warfare 3 will feature options for those who are Color Blind


Never really heard of something like this being a feature in a game before, and it sounds kind of cool. The developers of  Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward, have revealed through a blog post on their website that this title will feature a “Color Blind Assist” option for people who need to use it. Apparently this feature was first introduced when Call of Duty: Black Ops released last year, which was made by a different developer by the name of Treyarch.

Usually taking and implementing the same ideas from one game to another might just seem like they an easy way out, but in this case, at least this is something that could really help alot of people have a more enjoyable experience overall.  It’s a good thing to see these companies at least trying to doing something in order to obtain the respect of their supporters.

For those who wish to see the blog post in its entirety, please click here