Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Available For All PSN Users Today!

Uncharted 3 multiplayer Beta is now available for download for all PSN users. By the end of today, anyone and everyone with access to the PlayStation Store should be able to view and download the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta – no codes required! Just make sure you are patient and or start your download and walk away for a while — this bad boy is 1.7GB.

July 4 to July 9
Gametypes: Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Team Objective, Hardcore, Co-op Hunter
Maps: Airstrip, Chateau

Relevant minor updates prior to 1.01

Temporarily removed Plunder gametype from matchmaking
Added in Free For All to replace Plunder
Temporarily disabled Facebook integration


Removed Yemen from map rotation in Free For All. Yemen will return during its regularly scheduled week.
Temporarily removed Cursed from Power Play rotation.


Fixed issue where a crash would occur when backing out of multiplayer.
Fixed frequent slowing of framerate that could lead to the Beta freezing.
Fixed a crash involving Emblems.