Money Tip: Life Begins Here

With the Unemployment rate at 9.1% and it’s older brother Recession still lingering in this country you might ask yourself when will it end, and that is question that everyone wants to know. In the mean time instead of worrying about the things we cant change , lets focus more on our spending habits.

Nobody really manages their money, when people buy items they usually don’t care how much it cost because when they have green in their pocket, money is not an issue and especially when its something they need anyways. Well how about we spend less and get more for our buck, and I don’t mean like buy one get the second one half off, its more like being a smart shopper and looking out for the highest quality of product but at the same time spending the least amount of money possible.

I have a perfect example that I saw at Wal-Mart, Its refreshments like soda that are usually placed at the check- out line. Now companies pay a lot of money to have their items placed in key locations because they know that you might be thirsty and lazy enough not to go back to the soda pop isle and get something that is actually cheaper and can give you four times the amount compared to a regular 20 oz. bottle.


Remember that it can be used with other items as well , you just have to keep your eyes peeled for any other offers that can help you spend less for more, it might not be much but if you change your habits on the little things like soft drinks than eventually you will translate it to bigger things like computer, cars, Tvs, or houses.

Coca Cola 20 oz- $1.48
Coca Cola 2 liters $1.25

Don’t forget that you can mix coke with a little bit of Jack Daniels and that will make you even happier!!!
Drink Responsibly!!

  • Didn’t know that about soda at grocery stores, going to have to check this out the next time I visit one.

  • Illmatic

    We have 1.5 liter Pepsi at my Wal Mart for .88¢

  • Denoch

    Who drinks pepsi?

  • Santa Claus does, according to commercials at least