Mighty Flip Champs DX coming to PS Minis

I am a huge fan of the development team over at Wayforward Technologies. They have come up with some of the most creative and entertaining games for Nintendo’s handheld downloadable platform, the DSiWare service. Mighty Milky Way was their most recent release, and took the idea of gravity to a whole new level. Their first release however is still my favorite, and that game goes by the name of Mighty Flip Champs. It really took advantage of the DSi’s dual screen technology, forcing the player to pay attention to what is going on in two places at once.

Now more than just DSi’s users will be able to experience this wonderful game, because it will be making it’s way to the Playstation Minis North American Store on July 12th, and the name will be changed to Mighty Flip Champs DX. From what I found out, this will be an adapted version, which probably means that changes were made as to how the player will move from screen to screen, considering that the PSP doesn’t have dual screen technology. Those who choose download it on the PS3 should be fine though, as I’m sure that both screens will be displayed at the same time. If you have a knack for creative and fun experiences, then buy all means give this one a shot.

No pricing details have been revealed, but the original did cost about eight dollars or so, and I’m sure this won’t cost that much either because minis usually don’t.

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P.S.- I apologize for the fact that the main picture in my article is the same as the place where I found this story, but in all honesty, it’s the only real good picture I could find.

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