Is the Wii being left in the Dust?

My answer to this question would have to be yes, and that does not make me happy at all. With the Wii U making its way into stores next year, and the 3DS rising in popularity, it seems as if the Wii is just being left behind. This year’s E3 conference basically sealed this theory when no new titles for the system were announced during the show. Sure, seeing a new trailer for Skyward Sword is nice, and finding out that there will be a new Kirby game coming out this year (after finding out about it online) is good to hear, but that’s a very short list of exclusives for gamers to be excited about. This is just a depressing moment for N fans all around, and also for yours truly.

The biggest problem here is that the most diehard fans of the console have had to deal with droughts of shovelware crap (1st or 3rd party) for many years, only to be presented every once in awhile with an experience that is truly worthwhile. How many of us out there actually bought Wii Play for any other reason other than it came with a free Wii remote?, not too many I’m sure, and if you did, and hated what the game had to offer, I know exactly how you feel. Then they bring out a game like Mario Galaxy, and people start to wonder why can’t great titles like this be released on a consistant basis? The answer is simply this, aside from turning out wonderful games based on their most well known franchises, knowing that they will sell well, or releasing casual titles for the same reason, a solid third-party following was just never obtained on the system.

And it’s not their fault either (the 3rd party developers) , this is solely based on how this company markets games to its consumers. Instead of taking chances to reach out to a different audience, they tend to settle on the tride and true, and this is because they know that a commercial for a new Mario game almost instantly means a higher rise in sales for them. To put it bluntly, almost everybody knows about the portly little plumber,  and only a select group of people know about about games like Last Story, Xenoblade, and Pandora’s Tower. Does this mean that these games are lower quality though?, absolutely not.

Supporters and followers of Nintendo throughout the years have never really had too much of a chance to have their voices heard. And this is because no matter how determined we are to speak up and do what’s right, they(Nintendo) just refuse to listen. Operation Rainfall, which is a group that was created to get the three titles I mentioned in the last paragraph released in North America is doing this exact thing, and I hope it works out for them. Only time will tell if their efforts were worth all of the trouble.

Remember one thing Nintendo, if you want all of us to support your new ideas, then you have to give us a reason to stick around.

If you want to know more about Operation Rainfall, you can visit their blog by clicking this link

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