Even PS3 Only Gamers Will Want This Xbox 360

Consider this, an Xbox 360 for only $99 just months away from the hottest Microsoft game of the year, Gears of War 3. Even PlayStation 3 only gamers will want to get on this incredible deal. Right now you can get an Xbox 360 for only $99 with everything needed to get started. With Gears of War 3 just around the corner — $99 is not bad at all.

Check it out: Xbox 360 20GB $99 Gamestop Online Only Deal.

GameStop, Inc.

Comes with:

  • Xbox 360 Console
  • 20GB Hard Drive
  • Wireless Controller
  • Headset
  • HD Component Cables
  • Ethernet Cable
  • AC Cable
  • AV Cable Component
  • 90 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty and the 2 Year Red Ring warranty on top of that.



GameStop, Inc.