COD: Black Ops 24/7 Nuketown and Double XP Weekend!

In celebration of its latest map pack “Annihilation”, Call of Duty Black Ops will be having a double XP weekend starting today July 1st, 2011 and ending on July 5th, 2011 at 10:00am PST. This double XP weekend is for all consoles, not just the Xbox 360. Alongside the double XP there will also be a special playlist in game that will have Nuketown 24/7. What more could you ask for. Interested in playing, hit me up on PSN > illmaticcrook

COD: Black Ops Xbox 360 Limited Edition with All DLC

COD: Black Ops PlayStation 3 Limited Edition with All DLC

  • sarah

    The double xp and nuketown aren’t working. Other people have said the same thing. So what’s up?

  • johnnie

    gooooood shit

  • eric

    why isnt there nuketown 24/7 ive been on for a while now and it still isnt in the play lists.

  • jamie

    were will i get the nuketown playlist?

  • john

    nuketown seems to only be working on the ps3, no option for it in 360.

  • ManmeetNijjar

    Why isn’t it a playlist yet..
    why are they treating ps3 different from xbox..!
    I WANT NUKETOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NotHappy

    Where is my double XP weekend it’s now 9am sunday

  • Brandon

    Xbox 360 got Nuketown 24/7 taken away because there’s so many fagbox fanboy users that CAMPS on NUKETOWN. (AHAHAH!!) Playstation 3 has it because were the shit.

    • DBlaze

      what an idiot

  • Jesterjeff69

    Well this is why i love my PC… my son plays my 360 and hasnt prestiged once… however I love my PC-24/7 nuketown and the double xp this weekend was nice… went from level 19 to 43 in no time… left time to spend with the family!!!!!!

    find me on 360 or pc under same name…


    what would this be for central?

  • goguen

    i want 24/7 nuketown if its not gonna work why would they put it on the xbox server at all this is stupid

  • ethan yeo

    when is it next xp weekend

  • Juliaebunker

    i think 24 to the 4

  • Bradley

    no next weekend

  • Elbowbow

    make it june 1st – 6th please