Galaga Legions DX Hits XBLA! (FREE CODES)

Galaga has been a huge success since its initial release back in 81′. Many games have tried to copy the tried and true formula of Galaga, but lets face it, nothing beats the OG. Today, Namco-Bandai has re-released Galaga in a way you would have never expected. To kick off the celebration, we will be giving away XBLA codes for Galaga Legions DX. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which retro game you would love to see remade. Don’t forget to leave a valid email address, this is how we will contact the winners of the contest. GOOD LUCK!

Here is a trailer for Galaga Legions DX……..ENJOY!

  • Kamikaze

    Digdug, it’s the BEST.

  • Jude

    I also would like to see Gunstar Heroes remade.

  • Alexander

    Dig Dug. No Questions asked.

  • Rat

    I don’t know how “retro” this is, but I’d LOVE to see really any of the Simpsons games, including the Arcade title.

  • Josh

    I would love to see a remake of Darius Twin. The game was great and often overlooked on the SNES, but it would surely do better on XBLA with even crazier fish bosses and power-ups!

  • Dr. Jamilton

    HD Remake of E.T. Anti-aliasing, shaders, the whole shebang.

    • hahahaha anti aliasing and shaders…

  • Mike

    don’t know how retro anyone thinks bonks adventure is, but that would make a cool side scrolling remake. kind of like the sonic generations that’s coming out.

  • Shagrath

    A new Robotron 2084 remake would be great. My favorite retro game of all time.

  • I’d love to see a modern remake of Flashback, that game blew my mind on the SNES!

  • I would love to see a Wario Land remake, it was great on the Gameboy Color back in the day, and pretty much got forgotten.

  • William

    I want a Rescue Rangers remake!

  • Justin J

    I would love to see Streets of Rage redone with HD graphics!

  • Fernando

    asteroids was one of my early favorite games, but also I had a pong machine, that was the first game I ever played.

  • Mike D

    I’d like to see a HD remake of Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

  • Hushx

    oohhhh looks pretty xD

  • Derek

    How about a Zork remake?

  • shortbread

    I want that old 4 player Simpsons arcade game as a DLC title.

  • Wario64

    I would love to see a remake of Robotron 2084 get made

  • totoguy

    I’d love to see Adventure remade with incredible, epic graphics – but the exact same gameplay 🙂

  • justin

    what i would love to see remade is secret of mana old favorite

  • Wchillinman

    A remake of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker game might be fun to see.

  • Jounin

    HD remake of Final Fight.

  • Andrew

    I would love to see a remake of the SNES version of TMNT4. The one that was remade was still very shotty and not a good version of it in my eyes. This will probably be never made, but who knows what could happen.

  • tony

    i would pay for a HD Battletoads

  • Sporky

    Kung-Fu. I loved playing that when I was younger.

  • Dane

    I’ve love to see some form of Twin Cobra redone. If we’re allowed to go up through Genesis, there are a ton. Streets of Rage for sure, Kid Chameleon, Cyborg Justice, any new Mutant League, etc.

  • Brandon

    I want to see Space Invaders remade!

  • Trevor

    Gotta agree with Mike D., a Zombies Ate My Neighbors remake would be awesome! =D

  • Jason

    I would love to see KID CHAMELEON revamped and put out on the xbla, it would be the perfect game for a spot of co-op as well.
    Thanks and good luck everyone!!

  • Eric

    I would like to see a new version of paperboy

  • James Coyne

    My mom and I used to Love Mr. Do.

  • Dan

    Vectorman HD FTW

  • I’d like to see a remake of Marble Madness. Preferably more in line with the original than a DX-style re-envisioning. Maybe it could have a classic mode and a DX-style mode.

  • andy ci

    hd remake of paperboy would be really cool

  • Chronorayven


  • Futureshark

    Love to see an update of…

    Space Harrier

    A real Sega classic!

  • eugaet

    Adventure (2600). So long as the dragons still look like ducks.

  • GoldenShooter

    There is only one game I want to see updated and that’s Sega’s classic Zaxxon!

    It’s so much fun even today!

  • Gio Sosa

    I would love to see New Rally X,Contra,Dig Dug,or Streets of Rage those are some of my favorite that would be cool to see remade.

  • jreula

    “Space Invaders” and “Auf Wiedersehen Monty”

  • Kiko

    Goonies, strider , Alex kid , Demon’s World

  • jeinma

    Shinobi, Geen Beret, Combat School.

  • Arthur

    Ducktales, Glover, Joust

  • francistron75

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