Binary Domain – SEGA’s Ultimate Sleeper Hit?

It seem like we are showing a major amount of love to Sega today and it appears that way considering how much gaming history we have behind it. For a moment Sega was in a rough spot after they were force to retire from the console side of gaming and concentrate more on the software side of it. Sonic was having a real bad time making the transition from 2D to 3D and now they seem to be taking it back old school with a little mixture of the new. Over the past few years Sega has begun to really step up to the next level, beginning with games like Phantasy Star on consoles and handhelds, over the top and sexy Bayonetta, Yakuza franchise, last years fast action paced Vanquish, and now taking it even higher comes Sega’s new heavy hitter called Binary Domain, a squad based third person shooter that not only will come with pretty graphics but also gameplay that will blow your socks away.

Apparently Binary Domain was first showed to the public in the beginning of this year and then it was also displayed at E3, I don’t hear many people talking about it much, maybe it has been overshadowed by other heavy names coming out this year. One thing is for sure, I had my hands on it and I will say that I fell in love with this game, I must admit that the first thing that got my attention were the graphics in the cutscenes and then after playing it with my own hands I realized that the game was beautiful all around, I couldn’t figure it out at first because there something that I hadn‘t seen before, then the developers working on the game told me that Binary Domain was running on a completely new Engine developed by Sega and it was kept somewhat of a secret for now.


The gameplay was a little off but I won’t hold it against since it was a work in progress, still in the “Alpha” stage, I will say that it played with a blend of Uncharted and Vanquish, the robot A.I. played with a little of aggressiveness and it would take cover from your line of fire but it would also come towards little by little and try to flank you. The boss battles were quite fun to deal with, you can’t just run and shoot, it will take time to figure out its weakness in its body and use the environment against it, for example, one of the bosses had its weak point at the top of its head so you had to stun it by shooting a power line and letting it fall on its head while it was standing on water then getting up the building and jumping on top it there after triggering a mini quick time.

Now the part that I always like in a videogame is the storyline, the guy working on this title is none other than Toshihiro Nagoshi, the same game who worked on the Yakuza series. Well anyways who doesn’t like Judgment Day? It has that Terminator feel when it comes to the destruction of the human race but it also reminds me of that movie with Will Smith called I,Robot because they are not totally indestructible but it seems like they mass produce those machines. There are also machines that can take on human appearances and that can create some problems by infiltrating the human bases.

That is all I have for now and ill be looking forward to Binary Domain coming out in February, 2012.
If you haven’t seen the trailer before, check it out down below.

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Here are some more screenshots!

  • You guys called it! It is a sleeper, and is well worth it! Finish product is closer to Vanquish, which isn’t a bad thing! Dope game.