Warriors Legends of Troy: Review

Game: Warriors Legends of Troy
Genre: Hack and Slash
System: PlayStation 3
Review by: Denoch

Warriors are born and legends are made when they secure victory in battle or die as man with honor, and that is probably the most positive thing I will say about this game well maybe. Where do I begin with Warriors: Legends of Troy? I wonder if anybody has heard of this game or seen it at your regular game store, I wouldn’t doubt it if you haven’t and if you did you probably glanced at it and reached for a different title next to it. I don’t blame you at all, even the cover is boring to look at, well enough of this unnecessary bashing because it is not a complete failure, there is some notable things worth mentioning that could possibly save it or not.


Story- This is where the best part of the Warriors lies and if it wasn’t for story I would probably shoot myself while playing it. The setting is set during the Trojan War between Greeks and Trojans, based on Greek mythology and the retelling of how two great nations went to war over a woman. If you have seen the movie Troy with Brad Pitt than it’s kind of like that, only difference between both is one is two hours and the other is many hours of explaining what happened over the course of 10 years. You get to play both sides of the forces and see two unique sides of the battle, on the Greek side you play as Achilles, Ajax, Odysseus, and Patroclus. With the Trojans you play as Aeneas, Hector, Paris and Penthesilea, each character will have its own unique abilities and fighting styles, you don’t get to choose who you get to play as but with everyone you control you also see their side through cutscenes and in battle dialogue.

Graphics- These developers did their own research on archeological expeditions to Greece and Turkey where it was believed for Troy to be, much of the landscape in game will accurately correspond to actual locations of the war. I must say that it is a shame for all that effort on research when the actual graphics don’t actually represent the environment accurately, they look below average with dark shades at times during gameplay that made me adjust the picture on my t.v but would later look very bright on sunny side of battles. The rendering of the character models is actually good at times and I try to give it the benefit of the doubt but I cant look past its Imperfections when it comes to everything else.


Gameplay- Sometimes we have good gameplay with absolutely no story at all but sometimes we have a decent story with a very weak gameplay and that’s what we have here on our hands. It is very similar to Dynasty Warriors but it plays a bit rigid, during combat it feels frustrating because you are trying to lock onto the closest enemy and instead it locks on to the enemy all the way to the back of the group. There is couple of camera issues that also coincide with that and doesn’t help it either. You also have primary objectives that you need to accomplish but it is the same thing over and over again, go to this area and kill all these guys then proceed to the other side of the small map and do it all over again.

Sound- I am running out of good things so say when I know I cant find them in this game, there is no music while you are dismembering soldiers, only the screams of those who have lost their lives and for some strange reason you still get to hear birds chirping in the distant. The narrator is on point and does not have monotone voice along with the other actors they all sound like guys with high levels of testosterone and it makes sense with all these big ripped soldiers.


Wishes or Changes- I wished that the gameplay felt more fluent and had a more creative objective, don’t get me wrong hack and slash is fun but when that is all you have than it gets a little boring, even if you put secondary objectives that really don’t do anything except to hurry you up and finish the level.

TQ bottom line- The bottom line is that we have another game that is either mediocre or worst depending how much you like to kill multiple enemies at once in a big grassy field with bad mechanics. In my opinion don’t waste your money on this unless you like Greek mythology in which case just wait till it drops in price to $10 and then buy it, I am sure it wont take long to reach that low.

FINAL SCORE: 2.5 out of 5 Michelas!

Warriors Legends of Troy
Developer: Koei Canada
Publisher: Tecmo Koei
Metacritic: 44
MSRP: $59.99

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