Captain America Zen Pinball FX2 Table Giveaway!

With the Captain America table hitting the PSN and XBLA today, it’s only right that we do a giveaway. If you have never played any of the Marvel Tables in ZEN Pinball FX2 then I highly suggest you do so ASAP. Here is a review of the original three Marvel Tables that were released. Marvel Pinball Review

Now back to the contest. All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment telling me who your favorite Marvel character of all time is. Winners will be contacted via email, so please provide an accurate address. Winners will be selected randomly and will win a PSN Voucher Code for the Captain America Pinball FX2 table. As an added bonus, we have decided to throw in a few Fantastic Four Pinball FX2 codes as well. For a chance to win both codes, include a suggestion for pinball table you would like to see in the future. This does not have to be limited to Marvel characters, it can be anything! Don’t forget to check out all of the other tables that ZEN Studios has to offer. Good Luck!

  • My favorite Marvel Character of All-Time is the Silver Surfer – favorite Super Group is The Defenders (Original – Dr Strange, Silver Surfer, The Hulk & Sub-Mariner)

    If Zen sees this, I’d love to see a Defenders Table for Pinball FX2!


    Twitter: @ilRadd

    • Thanks for your entry. I will be letting Zen Studios know about all of the tables that people want in the future. Goodluck

  • Ross Maszczak

    I know he’s become very cliched & popular, but I’ve always been a big fan of Wolverine, especially the first 75 issues or so, they were my favorites as a kid, and i just unearthed them when my parents moved and I was forced to go get all the crap I left there when I moved out over 10 years ago. Just outstanding reads.

    • Wolverine is my second favorite Marvel character, right behind Gambit.

  • Andrew

    My favorite Marvel character is Spider-Man. As for a future table, how about a Hulk table that places no limits on how much you can shake it?

  • Evilteddy03

    My Favorite Marvel Character would have to be Deadpool. I love how he can break the 4th wall.

    If Zen Studios could make another table, i would want them to do a Halo Table to celebrate the Halo Anniversary.


  • Tony

    My favorite marvel character is Ghost Rider. Dude with a flaming skull on a motorcycle never seems to get the love he deserves!

    A table suggestion would be Jurassic Park. Just taking the dinosaurs and theme park style of Jurassic Park and putting that as a table just seems like something with lots of potential!

  • Jounin

    Favorite Marvel Character: Spider-man. Who could forget that with great power comes great responsibility?

    I’d like to “see” a Daredevil pinball table. That or a Squirrel Girl Marvel Pinball table.

  • Greg

    My favorite Marvel character of all time is Nightcrawler! Email is

  • Volcombrandon

    Mine would have to be batman with all these awesome games coming out and ive always loved the movies!!

    Id love to see zen studios make a deadpool table it would be so awesome!!

    Thanks for the contest 🙂

  • Mark

    My favorite Marvel character is Venom.

    I would like to play a Super Mario table with green pipes that “teleport” your pinball to another green pipe.

  • Ciscomancer

    Always partial to the Captain himself. Was around when Steve Rogers left the gig for a bit.

    • Ciscomancer

      and for a table suggestion, I think Thor or Hulk would be the next logical characters.

  • Wuvein

    Deadpool has to be my fav just the crazy stuff he says is always good for a laugh. As for a table I would love to see that would have to be a Fallout table. Could just see working you way up to unlocking a vault and other crazy stuff that could be done with it.

  • Aaron

    silver surfer is my favorite. A table based on him would be fantastic

  • Mitchell

    My favorite Marvel character is Spider-Man and I think they should make a Castle Crashers table.

  • Jason

    Favorite marvel character is Spiderman. I would like to see a Batman themed pinball table with villains like Joker Catwoman Riddler and Penguin in it.

  • victor c

    Spiderman was always my favorite superhero. I always enjoy Zen’s original table themes with crazy structures so another original idea like zombies, deep ocean, or prehistoric times would be cool or video game theme, I love the street fighter theme table.

  • Hushx

    My favorite Marvel character has to be the Hulk because he big, green and pissed off most of the time.

  • SEGA Scream

    Favorite character: Howard the Duck. So, of course, I’d like to see a table based on him.

  • Dave G

    My favorite Marvel character is Deadpool.

  • Paul K

    typical but Wolverine!
    Another table would be a Twilight Zone setting ^^

  • Chris

    Favorite Character has to be Dr Strange…pinball table I would love? Marvel Knights …have Daredevil & Punished against the Kingpin with Bullseye and Jigsaw as the secondary villains. Or a ghost rider table

  • Jon Meacham

    My favorite Marvel character of all time is War Machine.

  • shadowneone

    Hmm my favorite marvel hero is silver surfer. He’s super fast and super strong. A pinball table I would like to see is a mortal kombat one they have street fighter so why not. Email:

  • Joel Tiangco

    I love playing the Zen Pinball and I never had played the Captain America Zen Pinball before. I’d like to join the contest of this website to win the Captain America Zen Pinball. Thanks!

  • Darklurkr23

    I don’t think it gets better then Ghost Rider. He’s a Skeleton Biker that’s on FIRE. I mean come on that’s just awesome. Don’t let Nick Cage ruin his awesomeness. Really close runner up is Venom! I want a Symbiote

  • Dan

    Fav char: Daredevil

    A cool table: a Dr Strange table

  • mowmow

    my favorite marvel character was always gambit. Back in the 90’s he was the coolest x-men out there. He made the Mullet and trench coat style awesome. Since gambit is my favorite, i would love to see a 90’s x-men table made. The Early 1990’s x-men drawn by Jim Lee was the best

  • Jennie Lau

    Thor was my favorite character, and so i would love to see a Thor table. They capitalize on the recent movie.

  • Bean

    My favorite character is Cable. A Iron Man table would probably be pretty cool.

  • My favorite Marvel character is Spider-Man, he is so funny, smart and kicks ass!

  • Josh

    My favorite has to be Ghost Rider. Nicholas Cage ruined that movie, but the comics were great…

  • CaptainJoel

    Scarlet Spider is my favorite Marvel character! He may’ve just been a clone of Spider-Man, but during the course of his life in the Marvel U he became more of a hero than Spidey could’ve ever dreamed of.

    I would love to see a Secret Invasion table where the bumpers are various characters’ faces (like Spider Woman) so when you bump them they momentarily turn to Skrulls.

  • Jason M

    My favorite is Spider-Man. Lately I have become fond of the less popular characters Ms Marvel and Spider Woman.

  • Joe

    No question about it, Captain America is my guy. Have several tshirts and tons of back issues of comics too. <3.

  • Hostile

    It’s kind of hard for me to decide on one character that I like the most in the Marvel universe but I probably like Wolverine the most.

    It would be so good to see a MvC3 themed pinball table.

  • Chronorayven

    I’d have to say Wolverine since he’s the best there is and he’s canadian too 😛
    I would like to see Scott Pilgrim Vs the World table though 🙂

  • fresh02_88

    I like Gambit from the X-men!

  • blaze

    my favorite would have to be wolverine because his a badass and he always had a temper.


    The Wasp….We need a FEMALE superheroine table!! She was a founding avenger member created in 1963, died in 2008, and has been forgotten since!! Please give her the rebirth she deserves! Thanx!!!

  • Jack

    Favourite Marvel character has always been Spider-man, grew up with him. As for tables well staying Marvel I would go with a Deadpool table, as for something besides Marvel I would go with a table based on Venture Brothers or Adventure Time.

  • Anthony Kyzer

    My favorite Marvel character is Deadpool. I would love to see a Transformers table.