Luigi: The Forgotten Mario Brother

You know what?, I have been watching the Mario Marathon all this past weekend, and have come to the conclusion that Luigi has always been a follower, never a leader. Think about it, even the first game (or at least the first one i can remember) where he was the star, back in the NES/SNES days, still had the title Mario is Missing.  Nintendo could have called it something else like Luigi’s Quest at the very least, but apparently that would taken the focus off of the golden boy Mario.  Fast forward to today, and only one more title has featured this forgotten Mario Brother in a starring role, and that game is Luigi’s Mansion(which is getting a sequel), which was a launch title for the Gamecube. I guess the only question left to ask is, what does Mario have that Luigi doesn’t?, let’s find out.

1. The Simliarities

* They both wear overalls, white gloves, and hats

* Each of them has a Moustache

* They can both jump and attack enemies

* Each one can collect stars

* Both of them can use the same powerups (for the most part anyway)

* Both are able to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser

* They have the same last name (that’s an obvious one)

* Both can ride Yoshi

* Each one can drive motorcycles and go karts

* They can travel through warp pipes

* Each of them can collect coins

* Each of them can obtain extra lives

* They have both traveled to distant galaxies

* They are the only brothers in Super Smash Bros games (may not be completely true)

* They both like Spaghetti (according to the tv show anyway)

2. The Differences

* Each one wears a different colored suit

* Mario is fatter

* Luigi is taller

* Luigi can catch ghosts

* Mario can spray water to clean up dirt (and to destroy plants somehow)

* M comes after L in the alphabet (like anyone cares)

* Luigi wiggles his feet when he jumps ( at least in SMB2 from what I can remember)

* Luigi has his own Mansion (even though its haunted, so not much of an advantage there)

* Mario’s name has been used for the majority of the games ( even the one where needs to be rescued)

* Luigi uses toad as a save point

They may be more things to mention in each category, but honestly, this is all I could think of right now. Take a hard look at this list and tell me if there is any real deciding factor that makes one character better than the other. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer here, this is just more of a study to see what you guys think of this whole situation. Also, if there is something on the list that i forgot to point out, please feel free to let me know about it, because as you know,  journalists are not always right. That’s enough talk for now, let the debating begin!