What is on Netflix?

Towards the end of 2010 Netflix made a bold move to decrease on the amount of purchases for DVD’s and BLU-Ray’s and concentrate more on instant watch via the 360, PS3, Wii, some TV’s, your computer, and among other devices. With this new decision came a new price increase on all plans effective in January of 2011 and the newest plan that would include a Instant Watch Only for $7.99, I personally was led to believe that starting this year I wouldn’t have to go to my local rental place or to Redbox and rent the new releases because I though Netflix would have them instantly without me leaving my house. For those that are Netflix customers we know that is not true, some new arrivals are limited or the new releases have been out for weeks, now I know that to put all effort on streaming and distribute it to the masses takes time and whatever you find on Netflix is not complete garbage. What I have done is take it upon myself to research and look for some movies no matter what year it is, give you a synopsis and let you know if its any good or if it is a pass, this might include A and B titles, along with tv shows.


My first choice is called Just One of the Guys, it’s an 80’s movie starring Joyce Hyser, Billy Jayne, and William Zabka (The antagonist in the Karate Kid). For some reason I like high school movies and this is exactly what it is, you have your girl that falls in love with the “regular” guy while he is trying to go out with the popular girl who is dating the Jock. Now it sounds cliché of course but the main girl Terry is trying to get an internship at the Tribute and when she gets turn down for reasons of her beauty of being a girl rather that her hard work as a journalist, she sets her mind in dressing like a boy and resubmitting her work. Things only get worst when girls start falling in love with Terry and she starts creating feelings for her best friend Rick which oddly enough he thinks Terry is gay. The movie is recommended, it takes you back if you have seen it, it reminds you of how the 80’s were, or if your too young to remember than its educational in seeing how people dressed back in high school and did I mention there is boob shot towards the end? Had to throw that one in there.

I give Just one of the guys a 3.5 out of 5 Michelas.

Great for a movie night
After many years it still looks good
If you like high school flicks.

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