New Need For Speed Will Take You Across Country

By now many of you racers out there have either heard or seen the new trailer of Need for Speed, well some of us here at TQcast had the pleasure of trying out the new title called The Run. Its going have a completely new element to it unlike the previous games before it. Before I begin I want to start out by saying that I am a huge fan of NFS: Most Wanted, not only because It was fun but also because it had a back story with actors playing as either a rival gang, policeman or maybe a love interest, although you never got hear or see the main protagonist, it almost made you feel like you were in a Fast and Furious movie.

Now with Need For Speed: The Run, you play as Jack, a wanted fugitive on the run from the law trying to get from San Francisco to New York racing along the way, some other cities include Las Vegas, Denver, Detroit among other cities and locations. This Need for Speed will have everything to you love about the it, fast cars, crazy chases, fantastic gameplay but best of all it will have a solid storyline that I think will keep you playing even longer. One of the other things that I noticed when playing the game was the Quick Time Events, it wasn’t just press the button that you see on the screen but more like Heavy Rain where you have to look around and get to see more options for example when you are trapped in the car. We were told by the people working on the game that even if you are not playing, the cinematic will still keep you busy because the action wont stop even when you stop driving, the guys at Black Box don’t want you to put down the controller, they want to keep your adrenaline up from beginning to end. This definitely will be something I will pick up when it drops later this year.

Just in case you didnt get to see the trailer, here it is!

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