Past, Present, and Future

What’s up TQcast community! I’m Mike K., aka X3R0 9 (XBL: X3R0 9 & PSN: X3R09), and today I’m joining the TQcast staff. Most of you probably don’t know me and that’s why I want to introduce myself and give you a brief low down of where I came from and what I would like to do here at TQcast.

I’ve been gaming since, well as far as I can remember. Every afternoon my uncle would get out of high school and he would take me to the local arcade where we put quarters into the machines like they were going out of style. I played Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Pac-Man, and Galaga were a few that I’d play the most. My console experience came when I was 6, when the NES came out. I played the original Mario, Excite Bike, Baseball, Golf, Dragon Warrior I, II, and III, and Final Fantasy to name a few. After that, it was the SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, N64, PS1, Sega Saturn, PS2, GameCube, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, and then…the Wii…wawawaaaaa.

I got interested in podcasting back when XBL Radio was going strong with MrCarpalTunnel, TheOtherGuy, Rusty Ranchero, and Steve519, circa 2006. In late 2007, I was given the opportunity to take it over with the help of a few other community members. Things were rough at first, poor recordings, inexperience, and almost 100 other issues. Things finally worked their way out and we started functioning like a site. Myself and three other members finally left XBL Radio in January 2009 to make our next step in the blogging/podcasting world with a brand new site called Rejected Gamer.

I started Rejected Gamer with Mr. B4, Kemans War, and Qualitybeats84 with the site goal of allowing us to be who we are. We didn’t want to be held down to a family oriented show. We wanted to express our feelings about games, movies, and technology the way we knew best, upfront and honest. Again, like XBL Radio, Rejected Gamer started off really slow, but we slowly got into our groove and chugged along until life happened.

I started going back to college to get my Bachelors degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. Between having a full time drafting job, a wife with two babies (yes, I do have twin girls), and going back to college, Rejected Gamer found its way on my back-burner. After graduating from Full Sail, I began focusing on my career with the intentions of getting into the entertainment business, which still hasn’t happened. Now that I got as far as I can at work, I wanted to re-prioritize how Rejected Gamer fell into my schedule, and that’s when things got interesting and exciting! The day I was going to start back blogging on Rejected Gamer, I got phone call that changed everything. Mr. B4 and myself decided to close down Rejected Gamer and be apart of the TQcast staff.

Well, that was my past and present, and now I will touch briefly on what I would like to do here at TQ in the future and go into my favorites. I plan on producing weekly content about gaming, technology that might be of interest, and few series of articles that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I also want to help expand TQcast on the East Coast as much as possible, as this is where my home is at. I look forward to interacting with you all!

Hobbies: Ice Hockey, reading video game novels, listening to audio books, music, movies, and video games…of course

Favorite Food: Hawaiian Pizza and Beef N’ Broccoli with vegetable Lo Mien

Music Genres: Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, pretty much everything except Country and Classical I’ll listen to.

Favorite Artists/Bands: Disturbed, Korn, Godsmack, Ludacris, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Clapton, Allman Brothers Band

Favorite Games: hmmm, this is hard…Final Fantasy VII, FFVIII, Halo, Mortal Kombat, Gears of War, Infamous, God of War, Killzone

Favorite Console: Xbox 360

  • You’re detailed response makes mine look like chump change, lol. Still, it is great to be part of yet another community with ya.

  • ochoas08

    WELCOME!!!! I been a TQ fan since like 08. Something i really really want back from TQ is the podcast!!! Tqqqqqqqqqqqq

    • Don’t say anything, but You will probably see something related to TQcast this coming Monday on the front page.

      • ochoas08

        i cant wait!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing story, X3R0! You are a true motivator. You are now TQstaff, so your dream of being in the entertainment business just came true! lol

    I really admire both you and B4 for everything you guys have done in the gaming community. You guys are an inspiration!

    Welcome home X3R0 9!

  • welcome to TQ X3R0 9! I know you and Mr. B4 will help mold TQ into one of the most diverse gaming/tech sites on the planet.