New PS3 Model to Have PS2 Compatibility

The recent announcement of the CECH-3000B 320GB model which will consume less power and weight less, appears to include an additional feature that will make the PS3 much more valuable and make many PS3 gamers happy!

After reading the specs on the Japanese Sony website, it’s clear that the new PS3 model will have PS2 compatibility with proprietary software. (If the translation is correct) This is what the translation reads:

“This product, “PlayStation 2″ are having a compatibility with proprietary software” ***Update*** Our Japan based friend has confirmed that the translation was a bit off. It should read; “This product is not compatible with PlayStation 2 Proprietary software”. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Check it out for yourself here.

Here is a screen shot:

Current 320GB PS3 Model Released on October 2010: PlayStation 3 320 GB

  • Manuel

    Please do NEVER ever rely on a machine translation. (The google translation is crap.)
    The original text says “This product is not compatible with Playstation 2 software.”

  • Daniel

    Bummer, I was going to go pick one up. That is the only way I will give up my original 60GB PS3.

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  • howareyou

    @daniel heh heh heh just stick with your 60GB until the end just like me

  • ogodyousuck

    jesus you knew all along you’re just trying to get more views on your b-grade site.

    • Actually, we received the proper translation from my buddy stationed in Japan this morning –we updated the site with the proper translation soon after. “All along” is not accurate, this was actually posted last night. And –we are actually a D-Grade site with C-grade commenter mentality. Sorry for the inconvenience, dude.

  • BIgevilworldwide

    Why would anyone trade in a working 60 or 20gb model that has ps2 guts inside it for a ps3 that runs crap software emulation, I’ll keep my 20gb till the end of time just because I want real ps2 compatibility not some half assed emulation

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  • Hmm.

    If its not going to be compatible with PS2 games then why did they even bother mentioning it at all in the first place?

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  • Jack

    And siny would jumo out of the hd remake scam they have been running? Don’t think so.