New Home, New Opportunities

Instead of trying to sound hip and cool with an over the top introduction, I am going to go for a more direct approach.  My name is Matt(XBL GT MrB4), I’m one of the new writers for TQ, and gaming has been a part of my life for almost twenty years now. I have owned every console from the NES to the 360,  and despite how much graphics have evolved over the years, if something looks great, but is boring gameplay wise, I want nothing to do with it.  As you get to know me, you’ll notice that alot of what I write about is Nintendo related, don’t be alarmed, being a fanboy can be a good thing, as long as it is done in moderation.

Whenever somebody asks me the question “What games have you been playing lately?” the response I give them tends to not be what they were expecting. It’s sad when the more worthwhile experiences out there are being overlooked by the general public in favor of the more popular franchises. Be hateful if you want to,  but I tend to have more fun playing games like Mighty Milky Way for DSiWare than I do with something like Call of Duty on the 360. Don’t get me wrong, one is just as good as the other in their own specific way, but taking a break from the overwhelming pool of FPS games every once in awhile keeps my mind open to other possibilities as well.

Desz and I have known each other for years, ever since my stint as a writer for XBL Radio, and more recently for the yet to be shut down website  He has shown nothing but respect for each of these sites, even in their darkest days, and I personally thank him for that. After a few guest appearances on the TQ Cast podcast, he offered me this great opportunity, and without even blinking, my answer was an emphatic “Yes”.  Don’t worry readers, butt kissing really isn’t my thing, just felt like an appropriate thing to say in this situation.

Words cannot even begin to describe  how excited I am to be a part of this great community. Be on the lookout for many more posts from me in the near future, see you later.



  • Welcome to TQ, B4! I’ve actually learned about many games that I would have never thought of playing thanks to you. For instance, I’m currently reading up on Mighty Milky Way which in fact is the name of one of my favorite redtube videos.

    TQB4 is official!

  • ochoas08

    WELCOME!!! Im a big TQfan and there are many in these site!

  • cool story bro! Welcome to TQcast!

  • V8SuperCars

    What up MRB4, welcome aboard the TQ ship.

    Look forward to reading many more articles from you.

    I am also a writer on TQ, that has been un-active for the past months (among few i guess LOL) but still pop on to the site to read every week and catch up on TQ-news.
    Always nice to see new faces on the site.

    ochoas: what happened to the windy city? sad to see them Miami dooses take em out. D.ROSE will rise above next year, he is going to be a superstar of superstars.