Nintendo’s Wii U Trick Leaves Gamers Pissed. Is the Wii U Even Real?

One of the most interesting things at E3 this year was the Wii U’s lack of spec information during the Nintendo press conference. The focus was literally 100% on the Wii U controller and the games that could possibly be on the system, but not once did they cover the actual console and whether or not the games were actually being played by the Wii U. But the biggest discovery was at the Nintendo booth while everybody waited to get their hands on the new Wii U Zelda game. The game turned out to be just a video a “tech-demo” and nothing more. Gamers were fooled!

Gamers were super excited to get their hands on the new Zelda game, but as soon as they got their hands on it, you can see the disappointment on their face as they walked off, some going as far as saying “what a waste of time”. I too went in to the booth and the demo, thinking I would actually be playing the game, but as soon as I grabbed the controller, the Nintendo booth babe/rep explained how it was only an example on what the Wii U could possibly do with video games — she even shared how I could change the demo from dark to bright.. WTF? Where is the gameplay?

I left the booth unhappy, thinking to myself, “this shit feels rushed, and as if they wanted to show it off to the world before the competition showed off something new”. It seriously felt that Nintendo was covering something up and the Wii U controller was the perfect distraction. Everything you read on the internet about the Wii U is all hype (right now), these big sites even giving the Wii U the best of the best new tech of E3, but the honest truth is that they didn’t even show shit. The concept is great, although I would change the design, I love what Nintendo is advertising with the Wii U, but this E3 didn’t show what gamers were looking for. Perhaps we will see the real Wii U in action later this year. Until then, take everything you see about the Wii U with a grain of salt.

Check out the video below as the gamer is completely confused on what he is supposed to control.

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  • pixelsword

    No! It’s a huge hoax created by Sony and Microsoft, who are some how collaborating in the race to console domination.

    Of course it’s real!!! DUH!

  • MIke

    Do you not remember what they said at the press conference. It was that all the booths that used is were demonstration only of how it could be used. No game play was ever guaranteed

  • TK

    Let me correct you about something. It isn’t “just a video.” You can’t move a camera around or change the lighting in a pre-rendered video. It was a tech demo, everyone at home knew it was a tech demo, every other website knew it was a tech demo. Only you and a few people were expecting gameplay from an unfinished system.

  • Adam

    Well, they said it was a real-time tech demo with camera control. NOT a game but NOT a video either..

  • DeJaVue

    Good for Nintendo…they are back to being 5yrs behind again!! They should just stick to making controllers…controllers are system sellers!!

    • snowdog

      It isn’t 5 years behind. The U has been confirmed to have a Power7 CPU and a Radeon HD GPU, it’s a true next-gen console in every sense of the word.

  • snowdog

    It wasn’t a video. It wasn’t pre-rendered. It wasn’t supposed to be playable. It was a real-time tech demo which demonstrated the U’s ability to produce top quality lighting effects and programmable shader effects at 1080p. Nintendo didn’t at any time suggest it would be playable…it was clearly a tech demo to anyone with an ounce of sense, and a very impressive one at that, far in excess of ANYTHING that the PS3 and 360 are capable of.

  • Rich

    If there is no gameplay involved, the shit is just a video! Fuck the game tech-demo shit and turning on and off lighting, the point is, that it was nothing gamers were able to play actually play with. Why would people defend a lame tech-demo. The article points out how it seemed rushed and that’s the first thing I said when I was trying it out.

  • Labwarrior

    It looks really lame……I think it’s 2 different videos, one is night time one is daytime, and when you press the lighting button it just swtiches from one video to another seamlessly.

  • Sam

    How about you all quit complaining about it and have patience.

    Do you expect them to pull a 1080p console out of the asses?

    It takes time to make shit like this

    And if you people knew shit about shit youd know that the current Wii couldnt even play a VIDEO with that amount of HD-ness as it stands so even if it is a video ( which it freaking isnt) its alot more impressive than what the current wii can do and to be honest their making a new console for the money not for you people to complain about when its coming out or what they show at some stupid geek convention

    So what I suggest is you all sit back, shut the fuck up and wait like good little dorks until your precious HD system comes out
    Are you really all that impatient?