Fruit Ninja Best Kinect Game of E3

I must admit that I had no intentions of buying a Kinect, especially at its retail price, not because of the technology that it has but rather of the games it doesn’t have. I thought the only way I could ever pick it up was if it had “hardcore games” in order for me to enjoy it. I played Kinectimals and Kinect sports among others, while these titles may be fun for some gamers, it really wasn’t for me, so when I walked in and met with the staff of Halfbrick for our 2.00 pm appointment, I figured it would just be another Kinect game that would not catch my attention. Instead it was a game that I fully enjoyed and played over and over again with Desz until they told us we had to leave because we were hogging the console.

The mechanics are simple; you make quick and swift motion like a stealthy ninja in order to slice fruit. Simple enough right? But the game is very addicting when you want to beat your friend’s score or playing cooperative either together on a competitive mode.

Fruit Ninja will be available for download on the 360 as a Arcade title on Summer 2011:

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